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Better bow down my friend, because you are in the presence of true royalty.  Her fiery regal aura is enough to make your skin tingle with delight.  This is not a woman for the faint of heart, because she oozes sex appeal.  She is strong, powerful, and magnetic.  She shines like the golden Sun, and she wants to hear about it too.  She loves being center stage, and compliments will make her purr.  She is a lioness queen of the jungle, and ruler in the bedroom.  Her touch is warm, and her heart is good.  If she doesn’t deem you fit, you will be thrown on the street with all of the other peasants where you belong.

She loves the company of many people so if you are looking for one of these majestic ladies don’t go to a quiet library.  You will find her right in the center of a group of people laughing and dancing.  She loves activity and entertaining surroundings.  While loving attention you would think she has a straying eye; you couldn’t be more wrong.  Loyalty is something that runs through her blue blood.  If she makes you hers, she will let everyone know that you are a King.

If you want to date royalty, you have to be royalty.  Measly attempts will not be sufficient for this golden goddess.  She doesn’t mean to make you feel like you are less than her.  Those are just the cold hard facts.  You will soon understand that she is anything but cold though.  You will have to wine her and dine her, compliment and caress her, cherish and admire her.  If you are worthy you will win her heart and hand.  If you are lucky she will bring you to bed where the real fun begins.

Her big hair and loud voice is so provocative in the bedroom.  She is sure to wake the neighbours during your late night scandals.  This woman is a hell of a ride.  Her bed will be covered in royal silk sheets surrounded by gold trinkets and tropical scented candles.  Leos love dancing, so she may even give you a fun little strip tease.

Sex with a Leo woman is very fun and energetic.  You better be working on your cardio before going to bed with her.  Keeping up with her may leave you winded, because she is going to give you one hell of a workout.  Make the sex all about her, and she will gladly return the favor.  Sex is about pleasure to her.  Don’t complicate it with emotion, and she will be thankful.  Her sex is powerful and hot.  She is a Fire Sign after all.  If you ever bruise her ego or tell her how to make love, you may just see her claws come out.  She is willing to try everything under the Sun, just make sure you make her think it was her own idea.  She will scream with dramatic delight if you are able to pleasure her fantasies.

Acquiring this woman is not an easy task, but if you can do it you will get a taste of the finer things in life and in the bedroom.  Walking around with her is like walking around with a celebrity.  Everyone wants a piece of her, and you will feel so lucky that she is all yours.


This is a red hot sexual pairing.  Their sex is affectionate and warm.  There is something wild, yet tender, about how these two are with each other.  There is nothing dull about either one of them.  I wouldn’t be surprised if their sheets caught fire every once in a while.


They can get there, if Taurus would hurry up a bit.  Her passion and his sensuality will blend, but Taurus tends to take his sweet time which can make her impatient.  Once they do get to it, it’s heavenly.


There will need to be a few adjustments here.  Gemini looks at sex as fun and lite, something you do wistfully.  That’s not how she plays.  She wants his full attention on her, and wants him to get his head out of the clouds.  Being ignored will fire her up, but Air feeds Fire so if he can concentrate they can have a great time.


He brings a lot of emotion to their physical oneness which will make things special.  Sometimes she will want things to be a little on the lighter side, but she will appreciate the depth of his sexuality.


He obviously lives up to her royal standards.  They will have fun and playful sex on a regular basis.  They will love telling each other how great they are in the sack.  She must absolutely make him feel like the man in the bedroom, but they will both need a leading role in their sex.


Virgo is cool, and Leo is hot.  If she senses detachment from her she will not appreciate that.  Sometimes Virgo tends to be a bit critical, but doing that in the bedroom is not ever a good idea with a Leo.  Let loose and let her teach you how fun and wild sex should be.


She will love his charm, and their glamorous sex.  That’s right, it’s glamorous.  He knows how to royally woo her in the sheets, as long as he learns to make her the apple of his eye; the only apple that is.


There is a whole lot of passion here; something animalistic, fiery, and dark.  There is something so mysterious about him, and she will want to be possessed by it.  They can make some serious fireworks with each other as long as they don’t burn on another with their powerful personalities.  They need to both learn to play nice.


Sex makes this relationship more than worthwhile.  Their sex is absolutely glorious, and most definitely loud.  They will crave each other every second their away, and instantly go at it the second they get home.  It is a heat wave of sex between these two.


He may be a little standoffish and gentle for her liking.  If she can get past his walls, she will find one hell of a man though.  The way he makes love is powerful, and she will like that.  If he can open up and adorn her the way she deserves with some patience from her, they will have a fulfilling union.


These opposites will undoubtedly attract.  These two know the meaning of makeup sex, and they use it often.  Their sex is a strong tie between them that will always have them coming back for more.


This man will be hooked on her royal display of herself.  He will think he can get her, but he has got some serious work to do.  He may find out that her rich reality is a little too much for his dreamy world.  If they can meet in the middle they will have a lot to learn in the bedroom.  He will teach her sex with depth of emotion, and she will teach him to lighten up.

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