Sagittarius Woman – Virgo Man

sagittarius, virgo

The Virgo man treasures his loner life existence.  He is after all the bachelor of the Zodiac.  However, when he meets this Sagittarius woman, he seems to willingly give up pieces of his bachelor life he never saw coming.  He is first attracted to her bright aura, and chatty wit.  She always has a thing or two to say, but being that he is a mutable sign like her he will always have a comeback or two.  I can see it now, the two of them meeting for the first time through mutual friends.  She of course is making hilarious remarks, and he has something intelligent to say back.  The difference between their banter is she doesn’t think before speaking, and he sure as hell does.  Surprisingly, she loves that he always has a remark, and he loves that even though she blurts everything out that is is usually hilarious and backed by good intentions.  She loves that he can be both firm yet sweet all at the same time.  She needs that.  He can teach her how to soften her tongue, and she can teach him to look at the world through her rose colored glasses.  She is not always the most easy creature to figure out, but he can see right through her naive nature to the beautiful woman she is.  This will always keep him coming back for more.

Let us not forget though that these two are square to one another.  This makes their relationship more challenging at times than most.  This woman is known for being punny and funny.  She also loves to play jokes on people.  There is nothing more satisfying to a Sag than to successfully pull off a good prank.  The Virgo man is somewhat of a serious creature at times, and he doesn’t necessarily appreciate her always being a goofball.  Don’t get me wrong, he has a sense of humor a good one at that.  He just believes that there is a time and a place for everything.  She doesn’t always have the perceptiveness to pick up when that time may be.  He is also somewhat of a neat freak in some way or anther which I talked about in a previous post.  She is not exactly the epitome of tidiness.  Her mind has bigger fish to fry than taking a toothbrush to tile.  She is a free spirit.  Always has been, always will be.  If they are going to cohabitate, hiring a cleaning person would be worth it rather than squabbling.

She is a masculine Fire sign and he is a feminine Earth sign.  He is no wimp by any means, but one thing she will need to remember is to let him be the man.  If they can find a way to balance their energy, she will see that he loves her for all of her attributes AND flaws.  He can sooth her in a way to where she forgets her painful past.  There is something about looking into a Virgo mans clear eyes that puts a sense of safety and security into your soul.  This is something that she has needed for a long time.  There is rarely a promise that this man doesn’t keep.

You may look at these two and wonder how they work, but as different as they are there is something uncannily similar.  You see, she is a creature that is not easy to capture, and he is looking for a love that may not really exist.  Somewhere these two meet in the middle of all of that and find each other.  They are both so honest which is something that is not so easy to come by.

In the bedroom she is as fiery as ever.  He takes more of a cool, grounded, and sensual approach.  They again can both teach each other things about oneness that the other never knew.  If she does not understand that he needs to be the man, and that sex is more than just passion he may grow weary.  He loves to simplify his life as much as possible, but he also needs to learn how to lighten up.  In the bedroom he will enjoy her sense of adventure, and she will enjoy when they are finished and cuddling with one another that he kisses her so sweetly on the forehead.  It may melt her heart so much, that a tear of pure joy runs down her cheek.  She needs this solidity and sweetness.  It fulfills her.  I don’t want you to think that he is a prude, he has many dimensions.  You see, this relationship is all about meeting each other halfway.  Compromise is important in every relationship, but especially important in this one.

He will find himself telling her things he never thought he would tell anyone, but she never judges.  She never analyzes things so sternly as he does.  She is his breath of fresh air.  They both are intelligent in different ways, and they both have a lifetime of learning from one another.

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