Sagittarius Woman – Virgo Man

sagittarius, virgo

The Virgo man treasures his loner life existence.  He is after all the bachelor of the Zodiac.  However, when he meets this Sagittarius woman, he seems to willingly give up pieces of his bachelor life he never saw coming.  He is first attracted to her bright aura, and chatty wit.  She always has a thing or two to say, but being that he is a mutable sign like her he will always have a comeback or two.  I can see it now, the two of them meeting for the first time through mutual friends.  She of course is making hilarious remarks, and he has something intelligent to say back.  The difference between their banter is she doesn’t think before speaking, and he sure as hell does.  Surprisingly, she loves that he always has a remark, and he loves that even though she blurts everything out that is is usually hilarious and backed by good intentions.  She loves that he can be both firm yet sweet all at the same time.  She needs that.  He can teach her how to soften her tongue, and she can teach him to look at the world through her rose colored glasses.  She is not always the most easy creature to figure out, but he can see right through her naive nature to the beautiful woman she is.  This will always keep him coming back for more.


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