Aquarius Woman – Virgo Man

aquarius, virgo

Aquarius Woman – Virgo Man

aquarius, virgo

Virgos are undoubtedly the bachelors of the Zodiac, but Aquarius is a very close second.  You see, these two do not necessarily feel unfulfilled by not having a special someone in their lives.  They are perfectly fine either waiting for a way too perfect person that may never show, or just doing whatever they see fit without a need for companionship until the end of their days.  A Cancer woman cannot even imagine such a thing, and even myself find it quite unbelievable myself, but that is just how they are crafted.  Seeing that is how these two are, you can imagine that it would have to be in the stars for these two to end up in a relationship.  There will be something extremely binding that these two will have to keep them together.  You may not figure it out right away, but keep your eyes open because something is there.  Something so special that creates a bond with them that only these two could possibly understand.

Virgo men have very analytical minds, but not very analytical hearts.  I believe that every Virgo man has a time in his life where one rules the other.  You will know which kind of Virgo you have right away when you meet him.  He is not the best at hiding things you see.  He has no reason to. However, when a Virgo man has been hurt by love, it is rare that he will let his heart lead the way in a relationship after that, because his precise logic will take over every time.

When it comes to Aquarians, they are incredibly picky.  They also have no problem being independent at all.  Not even a little bit. They are also quirky in the best way possible.  You couldn’t guess what this girl’s next move was even if you tried.  They are changeable, holographic, a total wild card.  Being a Scorpio myself, I have the hardest time figuring Aquarians out.  They are still such a mystery to me, even after studying Astrology for almost 20 years not.  Maybe that is the beauty of them though, they really aren’t supposed to be figured out.

Being the analytical he is, he will try to figure her out as well.  He will fail to do so, yet there will be something that he loves about it.  She is always giving him a new puzzle to solve, always giving his sharp mind something to think about.  One day she may even decide after some time that she wants to marry him.  It will be on a day where she is feeling quite love bound, and it will come out of nowhere like most of her ideas do.  Give him some time Aquarius so that your Virgo can retreat to his mind and calculate all of the outcomes of their union.  It is not that he is necessarily afraid of getting married, he is just afraid of anything that could end up hurting his tender heart.

Virgo men are afraid of what they want, but she will make it so easy for him to feel right at home with her.  His sexual energy tenders to linger around like something you can touch, where hers is fleeting and holographic.  They will provide each other with different dimensions of sexual expression.  He is more on the conservative side in bed, and she will be a different person with him every time they rustle the sheets.  One thing he can be certain of, is he will never get bored.

They will definitely have a good sense of humor together no doubt.  He is a mutable sign, and quite the wise cracker.  She has a pretty zany sense of humor herself.  She always has something smart to say, and he enjoys their intellectual banter very much. Together they can be huge goof balls.  It is really quite fun to watch.  His humor is one of the things that she will  love that most about him.   She always searches for a friend first, and then a mate.  Very rarely is it ever the other way around.  Virgos make excellent friends, and someone that can be a great backbone to their relationship allowing her to be the free and fun mystery that she is meant to be.  He however is looking for his one true love.  If they can be those two things for each other, they will make it.  Even when the world may seem upside down, when your relationship is based on true love and friendship you will always feel a sense of home.

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