Aquarius Woman – Virgo Man

aquarius, virgo

Virgos are undoubtedly the bachelors of the Zodiac, but Aquarius is a very close second.  You see, these two do not necessarily feel unfulfilled by not having a special someone in their lives.  They are perfectly fine either waiting for a way too perfect person that may never show, or just doing whatever they see fit without a need for companionship until the end of their days.  A Cancer woman cannot even imagine such a thing, and even myself find it quite unbelievable myself, but that is just how they are crafted.  Seeing that is how these two are, you can imagine that it would have to be in the stars for these two to end up in a relationship.  There will be something extremely binding that these two will have to keep them together.  You may not figure it out right away, but keep your eyes open because something is there.  Something so special that creates a bond with them that only these two could possibly understand.


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