Pisces Woman – Capricorn Man

capricorn, pisces

Capricorn men are nothing less than strong and solid men.  Pisces women are feminine and beautiful.  They are quite the picture side by side.  He will feel instantly protective of her from the moment he meets her.  He will even feel like it’s his job to protect such a fragile and unique creature.  Don’t get ahead of yourself though Cappy, she is a lot tougher than you may suspect.  She is a siren after all.  He is a man with tall walls built around his heart, but she is so incredibly intuitive that she will have no problem swimming right around them.  She is so sweet and he can tell that her watery eyes are sincere.  She will love his masculinity, but even more, she will love his tenderness.  He is a self-disciplined man, which will be wonderful for her to learn from.  She is always looking for something or someone to calm the waters around her, so she doesn’t always feel like she has to swim upstream.  This man is so hard working, he would build her a dam if she asked him to.


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