Scorpio Woman – Gemini Man

gemini, scorpio

Scorpio Woman – Gemini Man

gemini, scorpio

The Scorpio will meet this man and think, “There is no way I am getting involved with this man.  He is way too youthful, and cheery, and lighthearted.  I am looking for someone serious.”  He will enjoy her trying to avoid his charms, and will just lay it on even thicker.  If she gives him the time, she will realize he really can be the serious guy that she is wanting.  You see he is not just one man, he is two or more.  Every Gemini Man has several sides to him that dwell inside his physical being.  She may think she has a handle in this guy right off the bat, but does she?

Whatever this guy throws her way, she can most likely handle.  Scorpio Women can handle pretty much anything.  She will definitely be the serious one out of the two of them, but he likes that.  Life is way too short for him to go around being so serious all of the time.  He doesn’t have to always know the where the end of the journey is going to lead, he truly enjoys the ride in every aspect.  She is ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto which rule war and death, while he is ruled by Mercury which rules communication.  His quick wit will save him from her stinger on several occasions, but if they can combine their forces, they can really be quite the pair.  I am sure you have heard the phrase, “Happy wife is a happy life.”  Well a happy Scorpio means you get to wake up another day, wink wink.  He is a brave guy, and will enjoy getting her goat, but he needs to remember there is always a line which he shouldn’t cross.

Scorpio women tend to be monogamous creatures, but I would not say such of a Gemini.  They wonder too much about what everything would be like if he were with someone else.  They will always long and live for their freedom whether they are with someone or not.  This may make the possessive Scorpio a little crazy.  She likes to keep the ones she love as close as can be.  He finds jealousy to be a waste of time, he is just too lighthearted to be bogged down with such a silly feeling. He will not take her jealousy serious the first time, and seeing that he is a mutable sign, he will probably make a joke about it.  This can go one of two ways; she will laugh it off and realize he is right, or her stinger will come out and he will never joke about her feelings without a lot more thought.  The latter is more probably, so think before you speak Gemini even if you think your Scorpio mate is being a bit much in your eyes.

One thing that will work out every time is their sex life. He is attracted to her like a moth to the flame. She loves sex, and with him you get to make love to his many sides which she will find really fun. Even though he is not as much of a sexual being as she is, she will find a way to pull it out of him making them insanely attracted to one another. It is funny that such a sexual woman and a goofball of a guy are so magnetized by one another, maybe it’s changeable aura that has her fascinated and maybe it is the way he can make her smile even when she is trying to be her serious self. They have such a unique hold on each other.

He is so curious about her, and I hope that curiosity lingers in their relationship so that he can understand her deep feelings. There will be many days where they want to connect to one another, but find it too difficult to do so. Their saving grace in these circumstances will be breaking down barriers, and talking to one another, which is not easy when a Scorpio is in a deep emotional state. He is a great communicator, so if he can be the ringleader in their relationship when it comes to talking about things instead of sweeping them under the rug and going along his merry way, this union can work. If she can absorb his bright eyed optimism and try to soften her emotional nature, it may lighten this Scorpio woman up so much, she may even find herself growing wings so that she can soar next to her man. Wouldn’t that be something spectacular?


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