Taurus Woman – Cancer Man

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The Cancer Man is known for needing three things;  financial security, emotional security, and family.  This list of course is in no particular order, and importance varies from Crab to Crab.  As we all know, the Taurus Woman values the tangible things in life.  So you see, this can really end up being quite a beautiful match.  She even compliments one of his biggest problems which is not making a direct decision.  Crabs move all sorts of different directions before really taking a huge step forward, but once they have decided they want something there is no stopping them.  This is not a problem at all for the Taurean lady, she has all the time in the world.  In fact, she really appreciates that he doesn’t want to just jump right into things with her because she herself likes to take her time when it comes to getting into any sort of serious relationship.  There is no wild passion with them in the beginning, rather a slow and steady building of love.

When things to start firing up between these two, this is a very nice sexual match.  She wants a love that is simple, and Cancer wants one that is deep.  When they have sex they will blend emotionally and physically heavily with one another.  She will give him sexual security, and he will give her comfort and sweetness. They definitely need different things, but in this situation it is a good thing.  Their blending is something that is better combined than left separated.  One is sweet and one is savory.  I will let you guess who is who.

This man is a natural born leader, and she is a fixed sign.  She doesn’t mind that he wants to take the reigns on things, on certain things that is.  She doesn’t need to be the leader, but she doesn’t really care to follow either.  She likes to move at her own pace.  Let’s go back to those three things that he really cares about, so I can explain to you how really wonderful this match is.  Financial Security – They do not have a Bull on the sidewalk in front of Wall Street for no reason.  This woman is savvy with money, and he will greatly appreciate that.  She loves to spend too, but that is just fine, because they both enjoy items of quality.  Emotional Security – He will most likely be the more emotional of the two, whether he shows it or not.  She is about as stable as they come, and this will be good for him.  He needs someone to care for him, and she will not mind doing it.  Family – She is a homebody.  She enjoys a night on the town, but through and through she loves being at home in her comfort zone around her things that she has so meticulously picked out.  Not to mention her love for being with her pet/s.  Most Taurus women are known for their love of animals.  I believe it is because of their earthly patient nature that makes it so easy for them to connect.  He will love this about her.  

As perfect as these two may seem, there is one area that will need to be worked on to keep things harmonious;  Communication.  There is probably a Bull or Crab reading this thinking, “We communicate well all the time.”  And I would agree, most of the time.  However, in the off chance of a fight, these two tend to revert FAR away from one another instead of really talking about it.  Taurus women tend to be stubborn, and Cancer men are sensitive.  Mix that combination in a fight, and you will rarely hear an, “I’m sorry”.  Because of her stubbornness, I mean patience, she has no problem waiting until the cows come home for her Cancer man to apologize first.  These two are very logical people, so if they could just see what a waste of time and energy avoiding each other is, maybe they could resolve this issue together.  

He is so perceptive, that he knows that this woman is undoubtedly the woman for him.  He can feel it in his bones.  One night after many months of not directly asking her if she would be his, he will suddenly have a rush of emotion that comes over him.  He will not be able to hold back feelings he has been fighting since the moment he saw her.  He will look into her soft doe like eyes, and he will touch her face so softly that it will melt her earthly heart to a place of no return, and then she will know too.  Maybe she already did.


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