Capricorn Woman – Capricorn Man


When this Capricorn Man meets her for the first time it may be during the romantic times around their birthdays, when the snow is falling, there is a fire crackling, and the season where you can feel the coffee warm your whole body as you sip it.  It is a time of reflection of the year past, streets lined with twinkling lights, and somehow the cold makes you want to be around the ones you love even more.  There is a reason it is engagement season, it really is so romantic and magical.  All of this being true, Capricorns are not necessarily known for their over the top romantic gestures.  No, they are much too practical for that.  What he will notice about her when he first meets her is what a WOMAN she is.  He has dated a time or two, but never anyone that makes him feel like the man he is.  This lady changes the whole game for him in so many ways.

They are both hard to get to know right off the bat, so this relationship may need a few hot cocoas by the fire to get them to feel safe with each other and open up.  “Opening Up” – a Capricorn shutters at that phrase.  They like to keep their tender hearts behind their high walls where no one can damage it.  This sign does not like to show any type of weakness, they are way too tough for that.  They also sure as hell don’t need anything or anyone for that matter.  How ridiculous to imagine that anyone would NEED someone.  One thing to remember Capricorn is that it is okay to need someone from time to time.  No one can do it all and no one is that strong all the time.  Being vulnerable with another person is the closest thing to heaven on Earth no matter how scary it may be.  So after a while someone is going to have to let their walls down, and when these two become vulnerable with each other is when a relationship can really begin.  To love and be loved fully including ones flaws, is what life is all about.

These two people are as stable as stable can be in almost every aspect of life; finances, career, emotionalism, and relationships.  They are both Earth Signs you see, and they are also the last Earth Sign on the karmic wheel blessing them both with a natural wisdom that they will have from the day that they arrive on the Earth.  There is so much he appreciates about her, especially the qualities that he has in himself.  As I have mentioned in other posts prior, Capricorns, especially the males, age in reverse.  They are so serious about building a life for themselves early on that they learn later in life how to enjoy their spoils of their hard work.  If these two meet in college they will be extremely independent of each other to be able to be focused on their own careers and life paths.  If they remain together all the way through their retirement, they will finally act like college kids together in their 60’s.  It is really quite an interesting thing to observe.  So when things are rough for either Cappy in this relationship, just remember that your best years together are always yet to come.

One thing this pair will always get right is their intimacy together. They both keep a tight lid on their expression for one another at first, but trust me that will not last very long.  They both feel the passion between each other all the way down to their solid Earthly cores. They are able to release their inhibitions and feel free while they are one together. Their sex brings contentment and peace, because they can wholly trust one another.  There is a sweet vulnerable sensuality that they will share together that breaks down their high walls which they so need to be able to feel whole.  There is a gentleness that only they will share together, which is such an amazing break from the usual coarse facade that they put out to everyone else.  Their sex is bonding, and makes these two unbreakable, because once they break each other’s walls down they will start making their own walls together to keep their relationship safe from anything that could ever tear it apart.

These two will soften each other in a way that most of their friends and family never thought was possible.  Marriage is a very natural step for Capricorns, and so there as the soft snow is falling, and the moon makes the ground look like it is glittering he will look at her and he will feel a tug on his heart, and feel something that he never knew even existed.  There is nothing practical, nothing logical, and nothing that he can even put into words.  It’s abstract, which is not a world that a Capricorn is familiar with.  He will look at her as he is thinking of all of this, and their eyes will meet and she will smile.  She is smiling because she feels the same thing.  So he will reach into his pocket and pull out something tangible, a stone, something of the Earth.  A symbol of their past where they broken down each other’s barriers, their present in which they are building a beautiful life, and future where they can grow young together.

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