Capricorn Woman – Gemini Man

capricorn, gemini

These two are most definitely a modern couple by your typical definition. Not to say that she is the man in the relationship by any means, she just has a lot of characteristics that are stereotypical of a man’s role in a relationship.  For example, the Capricorn woman is probably the more practical and level headed one.  The Gemini Man is not by any means feminine, but he is and always will be young at heart. He is the Peter Pan of all of the signs, and he has no intention of growing up.   They may even bicker about how she acts too old and needs to lighten up, and she will say he is immature and frustrating.  She is definitely the grown up out of the two of them, but he lightens her heart in a way that she needs so bad.  He is definitely the fun one out of the two of them, but he makes his life have so much more stability and meaning that he didn’t even know he was missing.

After some time, and when trust has been built he will see more and more of her personality peek out from her high built walls and he will adore her even more. One thing she will have to work on is criticizing him too much. One thing a Gemini man just cannot stand is someone who nitpicks. There are other ways to sway this man, but nagging is not one. He will have to be a little more responsible with things that he never placed importance on before he met her, like money. She will most likely pay the bills and he will most likely be just fine with that. She will take care of things at home, and he will take care of her heart.

This relationship usually works better when the Gemini man is later through his life. If he is young, this may be a learning lesson for both of them and they could even come back together at a later time when he is ready to meet her halfway. She is always a grown up, even when she is young. I cannot say the same about Gemini. His twins are always fighting about what he should be doing in his life, and he usually goes where the wind, or in this case his stronger twin, takes him. He is a free spirit, and she is a rock. Sometimes her steadiness is too much for him, and makes him feel uncomfortable and trapped. He may even need a hiatus every once in a while, which is something that will frustrate the Capricorn. If you love this man, let him go. He will come back if it is right.

As I mentioned earlier, Capricorn women have an older soul, and Geminis are youthful and lively. At first their sex will be physically fulfilling which is usually enough for him, but she will want more. In bed he will bring an element of freshness and fun. This woman will teach him to have rooted, deep, and meaningful sex. She will pull him right down from the clouds into her earthy oneness. She makes him present in the act, when most of the time his mind is wandering. She will make him connect in sex in a way he has probably not felt a need to before. She gives sex more of a purpose than just surface.

One way to keep their relationship fresh is travel. This is something that they will really love to do together, and he will be at his best during these times. She is not as much a wanderlust as he is, but if she has luxurious and comfortable surroundings where she is able to get her Starbucks and normal rituals of home, she will enjoy it for him. One good thing for him would be to travel with his friends. Let him go Cappy! He needs the freedom.

He is a confusing guy, but there is something about this man that brings a new and fun perspective to her usually gray life. He brings in laughter, color, and kindness. Things her heart has needed for so long. As Mercurial and ever-changing this man is, she may never understand him, but she knows she never wants to lose him. She is patient and she is stubborn. If she wants this man, she will create the patience she needs to make anything work. If he is smart, he will realize what a gem this woman is in his life and how she brings a sense of balance to his mind and life. Sometimes Gemini, its nice to just stand still. Like Carrie Bradshaw says in Sex and the City, “I’ve done the merry go round I’ve been through the revolving door I feel like I met somebody I can stand still with for a minute and… don’t you wanna stand still with me?” Yes Gemini, you have finally found someone that can and WANTS to stand still with you. Relish and cherish that.

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