Sagittarius Woman – Libra Man

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Falling for a Libra man is such an easy thing to do.  Seriously though, there is nothing about this man that is short of absolutely charming.  If this Sagittarius woman has been hurt in the past, this duo may be nothing but a lovely lustful bond, because she will not believe that his charms are real.  She is no fool, and has no time for any games.  Stick around though Sag, this guy has a lot more to him than just a beautiful dimpled face and smooth words.

She will be asking herself every step of the way, “Should I keep seeing this guy?”  He will find her hesitation amusing, and a challenge.  The chemistry will undoubtedly be there, but she will take forever to believe that it is real.  I believe that every Sagittarius should tattoo a heart on their wrist, because they really do wear it on their sleeve.  Once a Sag has been hurt by people that she so beautifully trusted, she will be a lot smarter about jumping in head first.  To love or not to love, that is always Sagittarius’ question.  They are so free and full of fire, and she has had people try to dim her light in the past.  He won’t though, in fact it is as though he does the opposite.  He will feed her fire, and make her lust for life the way she should.  The way she is made to.

With the Libra man, she will learn that love really can be forever.  Libra is the sign of relationships, and Sagittarius is all about travel, adventure, and continued learning.  There is a saying that you never go a day without learning something new, and that most definitely holds true to a Sagittarius.  He is a natural leader, being the Cardinal Sign that he is, and she is a Mutable Sign making her an excellent communicator.  If she can give him the direction, he can make things happen for her that she never imagined.

She does not have to be talked in to wanting forever with him.  She wants that one true love that she has always believed is out there, it may just take her time to believe.  So have patience Libra, and stick around.  She is totally worth it.  She always looks at the world through her rose colored glasses no many hardships or heartbreaks she has been through.  He sunny disposition is sometimes a facade for what she has really been through, but life is too short for her to mope around.  The world is a big beautiful place filled with so many adventures to go on, people to meet, and love stories to experience.

These two are quite the pair; she is so smiley, hilarious and clumsy while he is so charming, and indecisive.  At times they really can be like Frick and Frack.  They also find each other quite hilarious and amusing as well.  It does not take a whole lot of effort for them to get along at all, especially once they have played the “should we be together” game.  There is an ease about them that not a lot of other sign combinations have.  They have a ton in common, and they may not see it right away but they really do want the same things in life.

The friendship they have deepens the meaning of their sex. They thoroughly enjoy sharing their bodies with each other, and she will love how he appreciates her femininity. Their sex is cheerful, free, and fun. Being the talker she is, she will like to talk about how awesome it was, and he won’t mind a bit. They connect through conversation just as much if not more than sex. They feel like they can even see the world a little clearer after oneness with each other.  

Sometimes however, her conversation can turn blunt which will hurt him.  This is something she will need to work on.  His indecisiveness is something that will irritate her, and it will be something that he will have to improve upon.  She is way more impulsive than he is, and he will not understand that about her at all.  He loves a good nap, and peaceful surroundings.  I wouldn’t necessarily called being around a Sag peaceful, but it will something that she understand he needs.  He will calm her down, and she will help him understand that you do not need to go through life trying to weigh out every single decision that is ever presented to you.  Sometimes you just need to go where the wind takes you, and that spontaneity in life is what makes it beautiful.

A great example of that will be the day they decide to start dating;  Maybe it was a cool crisp autumn day, and he decided they should get some hot cider and take a walk in the park.  He had probably been thinking about all of the reasons why they should and shouldn’t date for days now.  They will sit down on the bench and he will look into her turquoise eyes, the eyes of his best friend, and his lover.  Just as he is about to go through his list of pros and cons the top of her cider comes off as she goes for a sip, and spills all over her white sweater.  They both laugh uncontrollably until tears come out of their eyes, and he then realizes then that his list doesn’t even matter.  This girl with all of her perfect imperfections is the one for him.


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