Taurus Woman – Taurus Man


The Taurus Man has a sweet strong way about him.  This is something that most women will swoon over, but the Taurus Woman silently appreciates it.  These two have so much in common with one another which they will really love about each other.  They will both love the great outdoors, they will both love the fresh smell of grass on their porch while drinking fresh French pressed coffee, and over a crisp newspaper they will love discussing the raise of their stocks in the current market.  They truly are such tangible creatures, and this is something that they will love to share.  They will probably have an incredibly beautiful home together, filled with leather, wood, and plush furnishings, and most likely an animal or two.  They are the couple that has a garden that most would envy. They both have quite the green thumb as most Earth Signs do.

There are definitely Bulls that are city dwellers as well.  Taurus are naturally drawn to anything financial, and these two will possibly even meet at work.  They do have excellent work ethic and they are naturally inclined to jobs that showcase that well.  They do love the lavish life that the city has to offer them, but there is something deep down in a Taurus’ soul that longs to be in nature.  These two may even decide to retire at a ranch, and pick up a knack for horseback riding.  Things like that come so naturally to them.  See, things are so much more pleasurable to the senses than a city and a Bulls senses are so important in in making them happy.  So maybe they may never make it out of the city, but they will vacation often to escape the noise and bustle.

I have gotten a bit ahead of myself with these two, but marriage is just something that will come between these two so naturally that it is almost expected.  However, one way they won’t make it is if for any reason their stubbornness gets in the way.  We all know that Bulls are famous for being very stubborn, and once they have stuck their heels in there is usually no moving them.  This will make things impossible for them to communicate, which will make things impossible for them to ever get to a resolution. They are both fighters through and through.  If the topic of the fight is bad enough, Taurus men and women have been known to just completely walk away from relationships.  They are patient, so they will take their sweet time for the other person to surrender which just doesn’t always happen.

Sex will be something that can heal a lot of their issues, and soften their willfulness against each other.  As I mentioned before, these two are tangible and their attraction will be carnal for one another. They will have an earthly, slow, and physical union. They will go to another dimension with one another, just by hearing the sound of each others voices.  They will both usually have a beautiful voice, sensual almost.  They will enjoy each other very much.  But every once in a while, being the fact that they are both relaxed and sometimes lazy Bulls, will need to spice things up every once in a while.  It won’t take much more that a tender touch or a soft kiss.  Aphrodisiacs are something that work well, so go out for a round of oysters and finish with some dark chocolate with a bottle of red wine and they will be in business in no time.

Together they really can have a beautiful life together, and they will.  They are truly a beautiful match together.  As a team, they are able to make a beautiful home together, have beautiful memories filled with delicious dinners, amazing vacations and nights of sensuality.  They will have a beautiful nest egg in the bank, making their retirement years potentially some of the best years of their life.  These Venus ruled creatures may just be living on Venus here on Earth.  A life full of lovely love.

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