Gemini Woman – Virgo Man

gemini, virgo

The Gemini woman is a chatty fluttering fairy, and the Virgo man is a quiet analytical angel.  He does not have the desire in life as she does to be out and about talking to every which person she can talk to.  She just has so much to say and so much to do, he will wonder how she gets it all in a days work.  Her spirit is free, and likes to remain as such.  She is not a heavy being, and has no desire to have anything weighing her down.  He loves his routines, and having things the way that they always are and always should be.  He does not have a need for extreme variety, or spurts of change.  Why fix it if it isn’t broken is his motto.  You can see that these two are very different, and yet they have one huge thing in common; communication.  These two really do love to talk.  They are both ruled by Mercury, and are both very good with their words.  Their first meeting could have very well been a conversation filled with hilarious banter.  They both have quite the sense of humor.  They very well could have met at their sales jobs, Mercury ruled signs are very good at sales.  Either way they met, and even though these two are square to one another and not what the Astrology world would call “the best match”, I think that these two could really figure out how to be very beneficial for each other in many ways.


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