Gemini Woman – Virgo Man

gemini, virgo

Gemini Woman – Virgo Man

gemini, virgo

The Gemini woman is a chatty fluttering fairy, and the Virgo man is a quiet analytical angel.  He does not have the desire in life as she does to be out and about talking to every which person she can talk to.  She just has so much to say and so much to do, he will wonder how she gets it all in a days work.  Her spirit is free, and likes to remain as such.  She is not a heavy being, and has no desire to have anything weighing her down.  He loves his routines, and having things the way that they always are and always should be.  He does not have a need for extreme variety, or spurts of change.  Why fix it if it isn’t broken is his motto.  You can see that these two are very different, and yet they have one huge thing in common; communication.  These two really do love to talk.  They are both ruled by Mercury, and are both very good with their words.  Their first meeting could have very well been a conversation filled with hilarious banter.  They both have quite the sense of humor.  They very well could have met at their sales jobs, Mercury ruled signs are very good at sales.  Either way they met, and even though these two are square to one another and not what the Astrology world would call “the best match”, I think that these two could really figure out how to be very beneficial for each other in many ways.

This Virgo Man will love to overthink everything, and she will love to do the complete opposite.  She will teach him that spontaneity is a good thing and makes life so much colorful.  He will teach her that for some things, like financial decisions for example, that it is best to mull them over.  They will have a constant give and take when it comes to this aspect of their relationship.  He can also be quite the nag, especially when it comes to house work.  This man loves a tidy life, and most Gemini women get to the house work when they can.  He has to learn that if he nags and cages her too much, that she will eventually fly away.  What he needs to realize is to not sweat the small stuff and look at the big picture.  If he wants this to work, he will have to realize the gem that he has in front of him, and let his inhibitions behind finding the “perfect woman” that does not exist.

One thing they will never fall short on is making each other laugh.  She has so many characters, and the most ridiculous things to say that will have him in hysterics.  His dry sense of humor will have her questioning his seriousness at times, but when he cracks that smile and his clear eyes dance her heart does a little flip that gives her butterflies in her stomach.  He will take care of all of the logistics and little things that she tends to miss from time to time, and she will give their relationship a pulse and a life full of color he could have never imagined.

When it comes to sex with a Gemini woman, her body always follows her mind.  The Virgo man will have no problem entertaining her in this arena, because his mind is sharper than most.  They will have intellectual debates that will even continue in the bedroom. Her personalities may scare him out of his socks at first, but if he can open up to her he is in for the ride of his life. He is a little rigid when it comes to sex at times, and just needs someone to break him out of his shell which shouldn’t be too difficult for her.  If he can learn to let go, their sex will be lite and a lot of fun if he can do this.  Neither one of them is overly emotional at all, so there will be a simplicity with their sex that they will both truly enjoy.  One thing that they have to be very careful about however is that it doesn’t become too surface.  Make an effort to go a little out of each of your comfort zones to show some depth, or the relationship will never grow.

Yes, there will be days where they drive each other crazy.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but with a combo like this it is bound to happen.  However, there is a safeness that she feels with him that calms her need to fly.  And there is a sweetness to her that he so desperately needs in his life.  He really does adore her, even all of her quirks and flaws that he may pick at from time to time.  With her he will never be bored, and with him she will never have to worry about the big stuff.  This relationship is a lot about meeting half way a lot of the time, but there is so much beauty in their differences that if they can open their eyes to see, they can benefit from in so many ways.  This relationship may work best if they are both a little older, and have both sewn some seeds.  The Virgo Man can really only handle so much, and I believe Gemini Women start to figure themselves out when they get older, as we all do, and start to simplify their many personalities and simplify their lives.  If a Gemini Woman is reading this right now, she knows as well as I do that nothing is impossible for this woman, and if she loves this man enough she can make it happen.  She can make his heart so light, and his laugh so pure that he will he fly alongside with her, maybe only returning to Earth if they absolutely have to.  Love is compromise, and these two can tell you all about it.


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