Pisces Woman – Pisces Man


I believe that every Pisces out there has a view on love that not any of the other Sun Signs are really able to possess.  It is something that maybe they understand just a bit more than all of us do because they have been through the Karmic wheel and have felt all the other ways to love.  They have a wisdom about it, and a cam understanding that they want to find it.  When these two fish meet each other, and their watery deep eyes meet there will be a moment where they see themselves in each other.  The Pisces woman will think, “Oh, there you are.  Where have you been my whole life?”  And he of course will think the same of her.  There is a magic and a dreaminess that connects these two souls, that have been swimming around the ocean to find their one true love.  However, just like any conjunctive Sun Sign pairing there will be a few storms at sea.


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