Pisces Woman – Pisces Man


Pisces Woman – Pisces Man


I believe that every Pisces out there has a view on love that not any of the other Sun Signs are really able to possess.  It is something that maybe they understand just a bit more than all of us do because they have been through the Karmic wheel and have felt all the other ways to love.  They have a wisdom about it, and a cam understanding that they want to find it.  When these two fish meet each other, and their watery deep eyes meet there will be a moment where they see themselves in each other.  The Pisces woman will think, “Oh, there you are.  Where have you been my whole life?”  And he of course will think the same of her.  There is a magic and a dreaminess that connects these two souls, that have been swimming around the ocean to find their one true love.  However, just like any conjunctive Sun Sign pairing there will be a few storms at sea.

Pisces are known to be a bit unrealistic, emotional, weak willed, naive, and enjoy escaping reality.  They love to drown from time to time, and so these two will have to work at bringing each other up for air from time to time.  If these two fall into a circle of bad habits it would be very hard to get them out.  They should use the positive aspects of their signs to stay constructive.  They are kind, compassionate, wise, intuitive, and come up with incredible ideas that the world needs.  If these two can support each other’s dreams and push each other to the finish line of their goals, they will reach a state of complete euphoria.  As I have explained in The Pisces Man, there are whales and fish. If these two are whales, then it will be smooth sailing.

There will be nothing bossy in the way they handle each other.  They are so in tuned with how each other is feeling that they can probably even complete each other’s sentences.  There is nothing brash or harsh in their mannerisms, just kindness and feeling towards one another that we could all learn from.  They are both talkers once you get them going.  They are Mutable Signs after all.  They will love to talk about anything and everything together; music, philosophy, the weather, what they had for breakfast, what they dreamed about the night before….. I think you get the picture.  They have so many beautiful fluid ideas and dreams in their had, and they need a canvas to paint them on which is why and how they communicate, colorfully.

If these two are swimming together at the right place and right time, things will tend to stay nice and wet. There is nothing demanding and wild about their sex, it is easy, sweet, and fresh. They are deeply intimate with one another, and can reach depths that most would never even understand. The way they love really is so romantic and classic.  It is new but traditional.  He is the man and she is his damsel in distress, and then depending on the tides that day they will switch roles.  They are fluid and versatile with one another, constantly finding out new things.  Just like the ocean, depending on where you are, how the sun is hitting it, or what the weather is like, you can never really see it the same way twice.

They will be there for each other constantly for each other in very different ways depending on what the other needs.  If she is sad, he will be her clown.  If he is failing professionally, she will be his biggest cheerleader in his newest venture or idea.  There will never be a dull moment between these two, and they will constantly be feeling each other out to see what the other one needs from each other.  It is almost as though they become one person many of the times.  If ever these two start to feel astray from one another, all they have to do is look into each other’s eyes and remember that very first day they saw their twin soul.  All they have to do is remember how they knew that day that no matter what happened, this person was the beginning of the end.  And that all they need at the end is each other’s love.  And if they can keep that alive, the rest will always have a way of figuring itself out, and it always somehow does with a Pisces.


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