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This woman belongs to everyone and no one all at the same time.  When in love, this woman is tried and true.  Do something to break her trust, and she will disconnect from you as though you did not even exist.  You will never truly own this woman; she belongs to herself in every sense of the way.  If you are looking for an extremely passionate lover, an Aquarian may not be for you.  She makes love in a deep way without ever giving you all of her, making men wanting to come back for more.

She loves freedom; freedom to experiment, freedom to explore, and freedom to give.  She is hard to keep up with. Predictability is not her style.  She is a wild child at heart, but can contain it under her Greek statuesque façade.  Her aura is bright electric blue, which can translate to cool love making or a sex that feels like she sent a lightning bolt through your body.  Depends on the mood she is in that day, you’ll never know.

Nothing is ever too heavy with an Aquarius.  They like to keep things light and fun.  Friendship is the number one most important thing to them, even with their lovers.  You may very well have to become best friends with her before you ever see what is under her acid washed jeans.  What makes this really hot is there is a build up for desire with her that will have you going crazy.  And then out of nowhere when the time strikes her right, she will let you in and it will be explosive, unexpected, and sudden.  They don’t have sex to just have sex.  They are looking for an extraordinary experience.   No pressure.

If you are looking for one of these zany beauties in the street, look for the girl who is always starting the fashion trends.  The girl where you think, “God, I could never pull that off but it looks so damn good on her!”  She is always surprising on the streets, and in the sheets.  She will not have a problem being the aggressor behind closed doors.  She is a beacon of self-confidence, and you will feel that when you are alone with her.  What is sexier than a confident woman?  Not much.


When she finally decides that this guy is even worth her time, they have a lot of amazing potential.  He is a lot more intense than she is, but she doesn’t mind being puzzled because it will keep her coming back for more.  He needs to understand that with her sex is not just sex, so he needs to make it special and interesting.


Her abstract sexual desires are way different than his tangible ones.  She is complicated and he is simple.  He likes to keep a steady pace, and she is everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.  If she can open her heart to him and find his warm sweet sensuality worth it, there are ways to make this work.


When it comes to sex between these two, they make each other’s insecurities melt.  They find each other fulfilling in a way that they have never felt with anyone else.  Because friendship is at the core of their union, their lovemaking is friendly and playful.  They make each other’s heart flip in the best way possible.


These two show love in very different ways.  His emotional expressiveness, and deep sexual desires may scare her away.  Once she realizes that he needs sexual oneness to feel close to her, she may bend.  His tender emotional nature will be something she needs to learn to love.


Their sex is fresh, tropical, and fun.  They feel restored after a good romp.  I mean, it is just so fun for them.  She is so cool and detached, and he is so warm and boisterous that she will always keep him wanting more and more.  He loves to be the center of her attention, especially in the bedroom.


Virgo men are afraid of what they want, but she will make it so easy for him to feel right at home with her.  His sexual energy tenders to linger around like something you can touch, where hers is fleeting and holographic.  They will provide each other with different dimensions of sexual expression.


Sexually these two are very compatible.  Their love for one another has a lot of depth.  There is nothing aggressive or forceful about how these two make love.  They can vibe on the same wavelength without speaking to one another which makes them feel close.


This combo can tend to be a constant competition.  He tends to make her feel a bit tense in the bedroom, and she is usually way too surface for him.  She wants him to chill out, and he wants her to dive deep into her emotions.  If they can find a meeting point, they can figure it out.


Desire is something these two will share for each other.  Their sex is giving and coy.  They will enjoy sharing each other’s bodies together, and will find it freeing.  The Sagittarian man loves to travel, and the Aquarius woman is always looking on the horizon.  Together they can go places they never imagined.


Sexually she is quite imaginative, and he is has an earthly sensuality.  She thinks that he takes sex too seriously at times, and he thinks she takes it too lightly at times.  Once they adjust, things will blend perfectly.  This is a relationship that deepens over time.


They will both expect the extraordinary from each other.  Anything less is just not acceptable.  Once they can figure out each other’s expectations, sex will come so naturally.  They have this platonic yet understanding relationship together and their sex is so friendly and understanding because of it.


Their sex life is quite on experiment.  They may not feel total oneness right away; it will take time with these two to learn how to blend with one another.  She loves life and he loves miracles, if they learn how to blend their love making can be quite enchanting.



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