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Get in line with every other bloke in town, because they all have a crippling soft spot for this feminine and mystical Pisces woman.  She is a mermaid, a siren, a beautiful creature that you never thought truly existed.  Her charm will have you drunk, her eyes will pull you into the depths of the ocean, and her beauty rivals that of any other woman you have ever seen.  She doesn’t even have to try to capture you in her net, because you willingly swam right into it.  There is something so helpless about her, and every man wants to be her knight in shining armor.  She is a bit naïve, but that nativity covers up her oh so tender heart.  

The Pisces woman is 100% femininity at its finest.  This also translates in the bedroom.  Being an emotional water sign, sex with her is deep.  When you make love with her it will feel like you are able to breathe underwater.  She is comforting and deeply intimate.  She may even show you what the true sense of intimacy really is.  A depth you never thought you could reach.  If she ever senses that you are dissatisfied with your lovemaking, she will pay close attention to make sure you are satisfied next time.  She loves to please, and there is nothing that makes her happier than sexually pleasing her lovers.  

Be careful with her though, because fish swim both ways you see.  She is elusive and an escapist when trouble presents itself.  The ocean speaks to her, and if there is ever a point where it tells her you can no longer touch her heart or fulfill HER needs she will swim away, never to be seen again.  Fish are slippery, delicate, and hard to hold on to.  Pisces women rarely marry just once you see, so pay attention her, love her deeply, empathize with her emotions, and she will stay by your side forever.  She won’t be happy with empty meaningless sex; she needs deep emotional love making.

She is last sign on the Karmic wheel, making her a sexually  lethal combination of every sign before her.   She will show her many sexual sides to you if it pleases you.  However, she prefers to be the submissive one in bed.  She wants to be your damsel in distress.  She wants you to treat her like the princess that she is.  If you don’t, don’t forget about the line of men that are waiting for a chance with her.


He is all man and she is all woman, that goes for the bedroom too.  He is exciting and fiery, and she is deep and watery.  If he can take some time to understand not to burn all of her emotions up, their sex can be very very nice.


They naturally bring each other so much fulfillment when it comes to sex.  They sense a beautiful truth in the way that they connect to each other.  His senses are what guides him and her emotions are what guides her.  They are easily able to blend them together when sexually combining.


His flighty fun nature may be hard for her to adjust to.  It is like as if a fish and butterfly were to try to live together.  Her intense emotional sexuality freaks him out, and his aloofness turns her off.  They will have to begin to sexually understand each other for this to work.


Sex is a natural part of their relationship that will heal things if troubles ever arise.  Her spirituality and his emotional sweetness makes their union that is one only two water signs ever really understand.  She feels like he needs her, and he really does.  


Because of their similar love of the bedroom, extracurricular activities will just naturally happen.  He will find her feminine features incredibly attractive, and he will appreciate her romanticism.  He will get jealous and protective of his petite fish if any man looks her way.  Men are just naturally drawn to her dreamy mysticism.  She finds his need for admiration almost funny, and somewhat endearing.


There is something so pure and vulnerable about their sex that they both really enjoy.  They are both so delicate and sweet underneath the sheets.  Their love for each other is almost like a poem, too perfect for most to even understand.  They are both so unselfish, that they easily are able to give to each other.


They are a bit of an odd match, but they can make up for it in the bedroom.  Their sex is rich, dreamy, and full of quality.  They both connect at a different wavelength, but when combined it is a sweet tune.  She is able to sense his deepest desires, and she is happy to make them come true.


Sex with these two is ecstasy.  They have had nothing like it, and will never have anything like it again.  They will reach a depth where not only their bodies but their souls become one.  There is something so magical, passionate, and intense about it.


One thing he will need to learn about having sex with her, is that she craves more gentleness and tenderness from him.  He will find her femininity so alluring.  His desires are much more fiery and forward than hers will ever be.  Go deep with her Sag, and you may find what you both desire.


Sex is enriching for both the sea goat and the fish.  He finds her so sweet and refreshing, like a morning mist.  He must however learn to trust her.  There is something so silent, steady, and a quiet understanding that these two sexually share.  They will love their restful, whole, lovemaking.


These two are surprisingly very sexually compatible.  There is a smooth dreamy blend between them that really is like reaching a fourth dimension.  If he can understand that he will have to open up so she is able to reach the deepest part of his inner being, they can make this union so sexually stunning.


If these two are swimming together at the right place and right time, things will tend to stay nice and wet.  There is nothing demanding and wild about their sex, it is easy, sweet, and fresh.  It is a lot of water, so these two will have to remember to come up for air every once in awhile.  Don’t forget that fish still need to breathe after all.




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