Virgo Woman – Aries Man

aries, virgo

He will never forget the first time he saw her, because no one can forget the first time they see an angel. Everything about her is angelic; her voice, the way she smells, her sweet voice, and her innocent disposition. She will touch his hand, and he will feel a cool chill run up his spine, and when he looks into her crystal clear eyes, he will be hooked. The Aries man will hastily decide that no matter what, he has to have this Virgo woman. What he doesn’t know is that under that angelic exterior, is an analytical, cool tempered, strong woman that has many lessons to teach his fiery, impulsive, hasty, child like self. You see Aries, she is a perfectionist meaning if you want this woman, you will have to shape up or ship out. It probably won’t take her long to figure out your weak spots. Virgos have a knack for finding the cracks in anything, and she will find yours. She will have no patience for games, outbursts, hotheadedness, or squabbling about silly things. She will need this Aries man to be the Cardinal sign he is, and lead their relationship into a wonderful direction, which he most certainly can do if he puts his whole heart and head into.


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