Sagittarius Woman – Pisces Man

pisces, sagittarius

Sagittarius Woman – Pisces Man

pisces, sagittarius

There is something inexplicably odd about these two. They are so different yet similar in the same light. She is a free spirit, and he loves that about her. There is something so liberating about him, yet so heavy and deep all at the same time. They both share the love of spontaneity in life, the love of never having the same day twice. They will love travel, philosophy, and many conversations of how the world could be until the morning sun breaks the dark. Yet, there is something about him that makes her nervous. She will not be able to put her finger on it at first, but there will be things that need adjustment over time. She will know this early on, but her heart will win over her head and she will be packing her bags with him to bring them wherever he dreams of taking her.

You see no matter how adventurous one may be, and no matter how exciting it will all feel at the time, there will be a time where the Sagittarian will look for some sort of security. With all of the moving, and all of the job changes, and all of the what ifs comes a sense of instability. There is something in the back of her head where she knew this was who he was, but she never thought she would be sick of it. Most Sagittarius women are very bunt, and Pisces men tend to be sensitive guys, so if her words hurt him enough he may swim away after the honeymoon is over. However, he doesn’t have to if there is a way to figure out how you can have your cake and eat it too. She will have to learn how to soften her tongue, and he will have to understand that there are not many women that want to live out of a suitcase their entire life.

To save each other a lot of heartbreak from the beginning it will really be up to her. Yes, I said it Sag. You will have to look past his dreamy ocean like eyes open and see if you have a whale or a fish on your hands. If you know that you have a fish on your hands, you can say your prayers every night hoping he turns into someone he is not or you can embrace him for who he is.  If he is a whale, you my dear are one lucky lady.  Either way, the Sagittarius woman’s heart tends to love impulsively which is truly a beautiful thing, so I know that you are going to do what your heart tells you but try to always keep this in your back pocket.

Sagittarius women are strong willed, and I wouldn’t necessarily say that Pisces men always fit that bill.  There will be plenty of times where her words and actions are absolutely breaking to him, and he will just slip away from her.  In her mind she just wishes he would toughen up and take it, but no matter of how masculine he is there is a soft core in every Pisces man.  They are both mutable signs, meaning these two will never be short of anything to talk about.  They are freedom loving chatterboxes, so if one or both of them travel for work or if they are in a long distance relationship this will be one thing that deeply connects them.  Another thing that deeply connects them is their physical bond as well.

When it comes to sex with these two, it is nothing short of amazing.  She finds the spirituality of him exciting, and the way that he is able to connect with her can even bring her to tears. There is something so magical about him where he is able to turn her dreams into reality without even leaving the bedroom. They will be best on their travels, and all of the different beds, and places that they will be one together both brings them so much life and excitement.  She will be swimming in his depths, but will need to come up for air every once in a while. She will bring him back to the ground, and he will help her sexually escape whenever he can.

Even though these two are square to one another, and although it may fee like the odds are against them at times there is something that they just understand about one another that no one from the outside looking in would ever really get.  It is not for us to get you see, because when these two connect they make their own world and their own sense of reality that no one else is allowed to be a part of.  A world full of compassion, adventure, worldly minded thinking, and love.  If love is the center of any relationship, if there is enough interdependence, and there is enough compromise to dissipate the differences, these two can make it on all the journeys they ever imagined and beyond.


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