Pisces Woman – Taurus Man

pisces, taurus

It will probably be just like any other day on the day that they meet.  The Taurus man will be in his usual routine of things; French press coffee, the crisp morning paper, and off to work.  Taurus men love routine.  He may do a little grocery shopping that day after work, and he will see her.  It is as though he was seeing magic for the first time.   The Pisces woman won’t even necessarily be doing anything out of the ordinary, something as simple as smelling her produce selections.  But its the way that she does everything that memorizes him.  He can just tell from a split second that she feels and senses things so much deeper than most.  He can feel her feminine energy from across the aisle.  She is so beautiful, so gentle, so fluid.  He knows immediately that he has to find a way to make him hers, and with his incredible patience and wit he may just have that by accidentally bumping into her in the canned soup aisle.


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