Aries Woman – Libra Man

aries, libra

Aries Woman – Libra Man

aries, libra

One of the first things we learn about opposites is how they attract one another.  Why in nature do opposing elements attract one another?   Why is there a yin to the yang?  Let’s dig into this.  In relationships, one person is not possibly able to be everything.  Most of us are naturally born with a desire to fulfill our other half.  A half that we don’t have and cannot naturally possess.  Once this other side to us has been found, it can bring balance to our lives, teach us things about ourselves, and help us grow.  Sometimes being with our complete opposite is a true challenge because you see things so differently that it can be difficult to agree on topics.  And thus, is the same in astrology.

Aries and Libra are opposite to each other on the karmic wheel and attracted to each other they most definitely will be.  His airy beautiful charm will fuel her fiery personality.  Their chemistry is just right.  They will be each other’s biggest fans.  These two love to fall in love, love to be in love, and love the idea of anything that has to do with love.  It will be fun and games at first, but he may end up down the road with her a lot further than he had ever expected.  That is how it goes with an Aries woman, once they are in your life and decide to stay there, it will be hard to shake her.  And why would you want to do that anyways?  She is filled with a childlike spunk that constantly keeps your world alive.  She will have you furious one second, and then laughing until your side hurts the next.  Her enthusiasm is inspiring and energizing, and at times even exhausting.  If she wants this man to stay sane, she will have to understand that the Libra man is very fond of naps.  He has to get his beauty sleep my dear.

At some point in the relationship, especially if they are a young couple, he will feel a need to escape her to see if there are any other ladies out there that he can get some attention from.  She is a very jealous woman, but Aries if you want to win this pursuit let him go.  How could I even suggest such a thing, you may ask yourself.  Let me explain, the Libra man is a mental creature.  He gets bored easily, and most of the time wouldn’t know a good thing even if it hit him right in his head.  He has to figure out things for himself.  So, let him go and see the city lights, but don’t worry a bit because he will be back if you are the right one for him.  I probably don’t need to tell you this, but I am not implying that you wait for him by any means.  Not that you would have anyways, because an Aries woman is way too busy to be knitting sweaters at home waiting for her long-lost love.  I am just saying that if you can cool it with this man and play his little games with him, I promise that you will win.

This does not mean that every Libra man is a lady’s man, but one thing that they do have a tough time doing is making a serious and final decision.  They are the scales for a reason, they are constantly weighing out every single thought and outcome.  She on the other hand can make decisions as fast as you can blink your eyes.  This will come in handy many times, because who has all day to decide if you should paint the walls cream or taupe?  No one, just let her pick Libra and worry about something else.

Besides, they shouldn’t spend their time bickering about the small stuff.  They have way too many amazing things about their relationship that they can focus on.  Mentally, they will most definitely be playmates.  They both love a little controversy and debate.  Just bring up a topic and watch them go.  As long as both can play nice and stay tactful, they will have a lot of fun in this arena.  Tact is one thing Aries can always work on.  They don’t mean to be rude or hurt anyone, especially the man that she loves.  It is just a rare occurrence in which she actually thinks before she speaks.  If he ever tries to point out that she is being unreasonable or impulsive she will not retreat in embarrassment, but probably just laugh and say, “Ya, and so?”  Instead, if he can use his charm to gently coax her to relax a bit.  She should listen, because this man needs peace.  When he is at peace he can create cotton candy clouds around her and bring her peace as well.

Whatever doesn’t get resolved can always be figured out in the bedroom between these two.  Their physical attraction is very strong for one another, almost potent.  Libra loves romance, and Aries loves to be romanced so he will woo her and charm her until she completely melts into him.  She will be aggressive with him in what she wants and he will enjoy anything different and erotic and different.  In his world variety is the spice he is looking for in a mate.  Libra’s love is light and airy, but Aries will heat things up really quick with her fun and fiery sexual appeal.  After their sex they will love long conversations, especially if the topic is about each other.

His friendly charm and kindness is what she loves most about him, which are the two things that he loves most about her too.  You see they really aren’t completely different.  If he loves her and has the idea that he wants this woman to stay in his life forever, he must realize that she won’t be sitting around waiting for him to make up his mind all day.  It is a lot like the quote from one of my favorite authors F. Scott Fitzgerald, “Why don’t you tell me that ‘if the girl had been worth having she’d have waited for you’? No, sir, the girl really worth having won’t wait for anybody.”  Well Libra consider this your fair warning, because she is most definitely worth having.


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