Scorpio Woman – Leo Man

leo, scorpio

Scorpio Woman – Leo Man

leo, scorpio

The Scorpio woman is not a woman who is wooed easily, but somehow the Leo man can charm her in a way that has her feeling a little nervous.  How is it that this man can so easily and shamelessly wear his confidence and ego?  That is something she would never do unless she knew she was in a safe spot.  This is what will draw her to him, his huge aura and his masculine attitude.  The funny thing is that he is not always so sure inside, and is desperately looking for reassurance even though you would never know it.  He is attracted to her for the opposite reasons she is him.  She is so quiet and steady, she is so magnetizing and secretive.  “What does she know that I don’t?” he wonders.  He must know more, and she won’t make it easy but he is always up for a good chase.  

His ability to spread warmth and light up a room everywhere he goes has her smiling.  You see, she herself id a water sign and can not as easily warm a crowd quite like a fire sign can no matter how bad she would want to.  Her emotions are far too deep to let as many people get close to her in the way that he does.  When, and if she falls in love with him, it will be hard and it will be passionately which may come as a huge surprise to this man.  They will be bickering one moment, and the next she will have HIM pinned against a wall in a deep kiss.  He may even not know what hit him, but let me tell you one thing Leo; when this woman is in she is ALL THE WAY in.  There is no gray area with her.  So if a Scorpio is what you want, make sure you are playing for keeps.  If you lead her on to believe that you want to be with her, and then change your mind you will feel her poisonous sting one way or another.  

This man loves to be adored, and adore you she most definitely will.  However, sometimes he loves to be adored by other women even if it is completely harmless.   This will absolutely not fly with a Scorpio mate for they are very possessive of the ones they love.  They also do not seek the same type of attention, and therefore will not always understand why their love isn’t enough for their man.  She is an emotional soul, and this will hurt her immensely typically causing her to go into complete silence which will enrage him.  He will want to verbalize the problems, but if she is truly hurt she will retract from him.   It is very true that a Scorpio is much better at looking at herself from within and figuring out how to fix things alone than a Leo does.  However, a Leo is so much more forgiving than a Scorpio is capable of.  If they work at it, this could allow things between them to balance out rather well. 

When it comes to sex with these two, sometimes this is really hot and sometimes freezing cold. He finds her a challenge with her silent sensuous intensity oozing out of her pores, he has to use every bit of strength to hold back his desires for her.  She loves to tease him, and he loves when she makes him crazy.  The build up is all part of the fun, and as I mentioned before he loves a good challenge. She finds him warm and at times tropically erotic. He is so self assure in the bedroom, and his confidence is a huge turn on for her.  He will want her to tell him how great he is in bed, which may be a little awkward for her at first.  After all, can’t he tell?  There is nothing than a Leo man loves more than a compliment so let him know.  Speaking of compliments, if he wants to keep this Scorpio woman turned on he should turn off any other compliments or affection from other admirers he may have.  Having her see or hear of another woman lusting after him will not have her running to your side, but the complete opposite.  As long as he can be sensitive to this need, and have a deep understanding that having him all to herself is very important in a relationship, they should be able to make this work.  If he does not, she may act out of hurt or anger and start a flirtation with another man to get even, and you see this creates a very unhealthy and viscous cycle.  There is compromise to be found between these two, with a lot of understanding and acceptance of each other’s inherent differences.

This man will bring sunlight to her darkest days, and she will give him a deeper look at life and love.  She is not an ordinary woman, no matter how reserved she may seem.  And once he peels more and more of her layers back, he will see she is actually quite extraordinary and an original.  He will need to learn from her all or nothing life motto, and she will need to learn that love and companionship is more important than being alone to have it a certain way.  Their different views on life and love causes a divide of confusion at times, but love can hold anything together.  Love can tame a lions roar, and love is the antidote for a Scorpion’s sting.  You see love and compromise is the answer for this square, yet beautiful love match.



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