Gemini Woman – Capricorn Man


Gemini Woman – Capricorn Man


The Capricorn man is made out of pure logic and the Gemini woman is made out of pure magic.  Her energy makes him buzz, and his earthy presence makes her feel like she can stand still for a little while.  He loves trying to figure her out.  She is like this beautiful kaleidoscope colored puzzle that he can’t quite seem to put together.  His practical mind must understand that she is not one to be understood.  She is not one to be pinned down.  She is not a bird that is meant to be kept in a cage.  As much as he wants to gild this woman, it would be like gilding a butterfly.  She is not meant to be weighted down because much unlike himself, her spirit is as light as a feather.  

As much as he adores her, they have many inherent differences about them.  She is a lot more lais sez-faire about her family, money, and money.  They both love their family and money, but he takes the two topics much more serious than she does.  He is a climber and she is a floater.  He analytically plans out the path in his life where he is able to get to the highest point the fastest, and she has more of an approach to let the wind take her wherever it wants.  He works very hard for every dollar planned and once that dollar is earned it too has a safe plan to capitalize his gains.  She on the other hand is not bad with her money, she just does not have the energy to care as much.  She likes high risk high reward type of investments that would make the sea goat sweat.  She know that money will come and go, and to not fret about something that she doesn’t have a ton of control over.  It is very important to keep strong ties with his family, all of his family all of the time.  She keeps most of the relationships in her life where she sees them when she sees them.  No pressure.  

You must be thinking at this point, “How could these two ever truly work with such vast differences.”  Not to fret, you see their differences are good for each other.  Even if these two don’t marry, if they can just have each other for a while to learn from one another and meet on common ground to experience blending, they will gain so much.  He will enjoy gaining this mysterious sprites love and admiration.  He loves that she is several women in one perfect package.  She continuously brings him hilarity and sunshine in his grayish serious world.  She on the other hand so desperately needs something solid and steady to come back to.  Someone to help her keep things in order.  A Capricorn man is about as steady one gets and she will love his natural tendency to lead the relationship in the direction in which he wants.  She likes a man that is able to take charge while still allowing her to have freedom.  

There will be days where his seriousness feels too heavy for her to handle, and she may have to fly the coupe for a while to get some of his weight off his shoulders.  If I can give a Gemini woman advice with him for the long term is that most Capricorn men tend to reversely age.  This means that his soul only becomes lighter and younger as the years go by.  I hope this gives Gemini women hope with the Cappy men that they love.  If Capricorn men are looking for Gemini women to become more serious in their older years, I cannot make the same promise to you about them.  They are born to have free spirits, so if it is something that you cannot deal with now you shouldn’t ever expect her to change later.

Sexually they will long to be understood by each other in this arena as well.  She is playful and he is sensual.  They will feel connected as ever when they share intimacy with one another.  This will be bonding and healing if there are any discrepancies in the rest of their relationship.  After some time, sex will actually become a very important way for him to communicate his feelings for her.  She is a mutable sign which means she usually has no problem talking about anything.  He on the other hand is quite a bit more reserved with his feelings, so during intimacy he may feel freed to really express himself which she will really love.  This makes their relationship special and private to her, where she lives in a leave or take it kind of world, their relationship will start to weave them together in a way that only they understand.

Love has a way of softening the hardest hearts.  It also has a way of slowing down the busiest of bodies.  Throughout their years together, they will become so bonded to one another and so freed by one another that they will soon forget what life is without their other half.  If they can get over all of their differences and start looking them as assets to each other’s lives, they will become one complete unit. They yin and yang.  The complete wholeness everyone seeks in a partner.


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