Gemini Woman – Sagittarius Man

gemini, sagittarius

When this fiery man sees this sprite of a woman with all of her antics and tricks up her sleeves, he will be downright nervous about her.  Nervous in the best way.  Maybe curious is a better word for it, but nonetheless he will be very interested.  Her teasing nature will make him feel challenged, and to see that he has found someone that is as cunning and charming as himself will have him impressed.  When she hears him talk for the first time she will actually feel interested enough to listen.  This guy is intelligent, exciting, and really quite fascinating.  He will tell her about his life’s accomplishments to try and impress her, and it will work.  This guy isn’t exactly modest but she really doesn’t mind.  In her mind there is no such thing as a perfect man for her, but he has her attention for now, and she his. So, in this moment they have both caught each other which is where all of the fun really begins.  


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