Gemini Woman – Sagittarius Man

gemini, sagittarius

Gemini Woman – Sagittarius Man

gemini, sagittarius

When this fiery man sees this sprite of a woman with all of her antics and tricks up her sleeves, he will be downright nervous about her.  Nervous in the best way.  Maybe curious is a better word for it, but nonetheless he will be very interested.  Her teasing nature will make him feel challenged, and to see that he has found someone that is as cunning and charming as himself will have him impressed.  When she hears him talk for the first time she will actually feel interested enough to listen.  This guy is intelligent, exciting, and really quite fascinating.  He will tell her about his life’s accomplishments to try and impress her, and it will work.  This guy isn’t exactly modest but she really doesn’t mind.  In her mind there is no such thing as a perfect man for her, but he has her attention for now, and she his. So, in this moment they have both caught each other which is where all of the fun really begins.  

Things with them can go really fast and burn out just as fast as they started, but if I was to give any advice it would be to take things with each other as slowly as you possibly can.  You will both think that you have each other figured out right off the bat, but what you need to understand is that you most definitely do not even begin to know the hand the other person is holding.  Gemini women are multifaceted and have many different sides and personalities in their colorful personalities to get to know.  She will give him peeks here and there at herself but it will take quite some time for him or anyone for that matter to truly understand her whole self.  He may have a really hard time with this about her seeing that he likes to get everything all out on the table and won’t want to play any games. He likes people that are 100% themselves all of the time, but you see Sag she is being herself.  That is just how she is and how she always will be.  Some call it confusing, but I think she is just plain old fun.  Sagittarius men are wanderers and travelers always looking for the meaning of life and a higher knowledge.  Although he may not have as many sides to himself as she does, he definitely has his moods.  He has very strong likes and dislikes that he will make very clear to everyone including her.  She will never want him to disapprove of her so she may hold some things especially at the beginning of the relationship from him that he will not find out until later.  Do not be alarmed by this Sagittarius, maybe if you were as open minded as she was about everything you could have a healthy debate!

There is really not a lot that is impractical in the world he lives in which is much different than the fairy fantasies that she dreams of every day.  She is just lighter and cooler, like the breeze on a summer day while he is fiery and passionate full of heat and making things happen.  Together their elements of Air and Fire can blend beautifully because fire feeds off of air only becoming bigger and more powerful.  If he listens to her dreams and can make them into a reality their two worlds will collide making something extraordinary together.  They are both mutable signs meaning that they will LOVE to talk to one another about everything.  On the flip side it can cause some tiffs here and there.  These two will love to have make up sex though after their hilarious and fiery squabbles.  They are both talkers, so telling each other want they want in bed will be of no issue.  They are opposites on the karmic wheel meaning their attraction for each other is inevitable.  She is a fairy to his flame.  They have this odd need to become each other because of their polarity and can achieve this for a time through their lovemaking which is really beautiful.  This part of their relationship will keep each other very tied to one another, but they should make sure that the other parts of their relationship are healthy as well.  Not everything is all about the sex.

Together they will have to come up with some sort of agreement together where they can live in harmony while accepting each other’s inherent differences.  Eventually he will stop trying to pin her down because he will realize she was not created to be put into a cage.  Eventually she will learn how to be more direct with him so that they can come to an understanding and solace without brushing the dirt under the rug so to say.  The way she distorts reality seems so wrong to him, but if he can learn to live in her imaginary world just a little and if they she can come down to Earth and face reality a bit for him they can create a beautifully blended world together.  Together if they nurture the love and fascination they have for each other with a lot of mutual respect, the sky is the limit for these two.



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