Cancer Woman – Virgo Man

cancer, virgo

Cancer Woman – Virgo Man

cancer, virgo

Virgo men are the bachelors of the zodiac, and Cancer women are the women that dream of their future spouse, their lovely children, and the house with the white picket fence.  When he meets her, he will be so afraid of losing his identity, but there is something about her lunar magical pull that draws him in.  Some Virgo men go willingly down the path of marital bliss with her, and others have the urge to fight it.  What he must understand is that yes, he will lose his “freedom”, but gain an incredible companion that not only makes a wonderful mother and wife, but also a killer business woman who works very hard as he does.  If she can understand that he will need his alone time so that he can recharge and reset, these Water and Earth signs can do beautifully together.  They must be patient one another by understanding how to eb and flow of each other until they find a rhythm to go to.

They will find that there is a lot of tug and war between the two of them.  One minute he will be saying “goodbye” and the next he will be calling her to come back.  If she is like most Cancer women they will be also focused on their careers, which will be a great distraction from his indecisiveness with her.  He is also a very hard worker so this will be a wonderful aspect to their relationship.  They will love coming home to talk about the things going on at the office.  They like waking up together, getting their suits on, having their morning coffee, and then going their separate ways to know that they will be coming home to each other every night.  Inter-independence is something that glues them together.  Having time to have their own lives on top of the one they have with each other will only make their love stronger.

When he finally opens up to her emotionally, he will absorb her like the Earth absorbs rain after a drought.  Physically they are a beautiful match.  There is something very peaceful about their sex.  He must control his tendency to be cool with her, because she needs words of encouragement.  He is a Mutable sign meaning that he is wonderful with words.  If he can choose to speak love instead of analytical assessment he will win her heart.  If his critical words hurt her in any way she will retreat into her shell which will be frustrating for both of them.  He has to learn that there is a time and place for certain criticisms to be made, and the bedroom is not one of them.  She will have to have patience and teach him to make love with his heart instead of his head.  Sex isn’t supposed to be perfect, it is supposed to be raw and a little messy.  On the next Full Moon try to harness the lunar energy to deeply connect.  There is something so beautiful about how when moonbeams shine on a Cancer woman’s skin she almost starts to glow.  There is something so soft and beautiful about her that he somehow couldn’t see until he started to see her through his soul.  He is enchanted.

If anyone can make it through a lot of changes together it is these two.  If they can go hand in hand through life they will have so many beautiful things to show and teach each other.  No, this relationship is not perfect, but who’s is?  There were many women before her that he couldn’t stand still with long enough to catch his breath, and where he realized that he would rather be alone.  However, there is something about her that makes him feel calm.  Something that makes him want to stay still for a while with her.  She feels like home.  The Virgo Man is ruled by the restless planet of Mercury, and the Cancer Woman is ruled by the inconsistent Moon.  Together they form a dimensional relationship that has multiple layers that really only they will ever know about.  And that is just how they like it.


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