Virgo Woman – Scorpio Man

scorpio, virgo

Virgo Woman – Scorpio Man

scorpio, virgo

When these two meet, the Scorpion and the Virgin, she will believe that he is perfect -absolutely without a doubt perfect.  Every Virgo woman loves perfection in any form they can take it, so she will naturally be attracted to him.  He is so loyal and intense and everything she dreamed a man could be.  However, somewhere down the road she will discover another side to him that is most definitely not so perfect.  She may even be shocked or hurt by unveiling this whole other side to a man she was so sure she understood, but one thing everyone must understand about Scorpios is that there is always a deep boiling pot of emotion that is hidden by a very cool and calm mysterious exterior.  So I am sorry to break it to you you Miss Virgo that your tall dark and handsome man isn’t as perfect as you may have thought, but his imperfections can be perfect for you.  My Virgo mother always told me, “Desiree no one is perfect but if you can deal with their imperfections, that is what makes them perfect for you.”  I haven’t forgot that, and you should do the same.  

There will be many days where she wonders if she should start a future with this man, and the answer is yes if he is invested in you.  Scorpios are not half-in half-out kind of people.  They are very black and white, so if this man is into you and you want it, go with it.  Don’t think.  Virgos tend to have a habit of overthinking things and ruining a very beautiful and deep moment.  Start learning how to feel things.  Listen to your heart a little more than with your head, and your relationship with this man will move right into the direction it is supposed to.  If it puts  you at ease, it is in this mans makeup to always be loyal and honest.  If he keeps something from you it is probably for your own good.

One thing he will adore about her is how self-sufficient she is.  She totally takes care of herself and doesn’t really need anyone.  He needs to remember that he is there to add to her life and not become her life.  Scorpios can tend to be, well a bit possessive and stifling.  He needs to remember that even though she may come off as innocent, this woman is a steady grounded intelligent Earth sign, and a Vulcan at that.  One thing she admires about him is that he is so confident.  He doesn’t need the approval or admiration of anyone to know his self worth.  She loves the strength that he exudes from his quiet confidence.  Because of their independent ways these two will probably not have some whirlwind romance.  It will start slow and steady, but with intense feelings – most of which go unsaid but are rather felt by both of them.  After a while their quiet and private fears will melt away as they learn to trust each other.

When it comes to sex, he is intense, and she doesn’t mind at all.  She will be magnetized towards his dark passionate sexuality, and he will want to consume her virginal spirit.  At first they may be holding things back a bit in the bedroom until they know each other, but once they are really comfortable with one another their sex is passionate, erotic, and even holy.  She may need to adjust to his extreme intensity at first, but once she does it is insatiable.  In the movie 50 shades of Grey, the writer has Christian’s birthday in Gemini but I am wondering if she didn’t know a whole lot about astrology because their relationship is SO Virgo Woman – Scorpio Man to me.  The way he possesses her, and the way she is so innocent yet so strong is a perfect example of how these two energies combine.

Many people will call this man cold and calculated, but she knows a side to him that not a lot of people truly get to see.  She loves that about him because it makes her feel unique and special as any woman would want to feel in their relationship.  He has a depth to him that he keeps hidden only for her eyes to see, her heart feel, and her soul to touch.  Some people may say that she is boring and a prude, but he knows a side of her that no one else does.  If this man loves one thing it is secrets, and so he will hold her private side to her to the highest regard.  With him she is tender, poetic, and kind.  They love each other’s imperfections because they realize that they are perfect for each other with them.


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