Virgo Woman – Scorpio Man

scorpio, virgo

When these two meet, the Scorpion and the Virgin, she will believe that he is perfect -absolutely without a doubt perfect.  Every Virgo woman loves perfection in any form they can take it, so she will naturally be attracted to him.  He is so loyal and intense and everything she dreamed a man could be.  However, somewhere down the road she will discover another side to him that is most definitely not so perfect.  She may even be shocked or hurt by unveiling this whole other side to a man she was so sure she understood, but one thing everyone must understand about Scorpios is that there is always a deep boiling pot of emotion that is hidden by a very cool and calm mysterious exterior.  So I am sorry to break it to you you Miss Virgo that your tall dark and handsome man isn’t as perfect as you may have thought, but his imperfections can be perfect for you.  My Virgo mother always told me, “Desiree no one is perfect but if you can deal with their imperfections, that is what makes them perfect for you.”  I haven’t forgot that, and you should do the same.  


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