The Aries Woman

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This is one strong and independent woman.  She fights her own battles, opens her own doors, hails her own taxi, gets her own career and lights her own cigarette.  She doesn’t have any time to lose, so to her doing things her way, is the best and fastest way.  She surely doesn’t need to sit around waiting for a man to start her life.  She creates her own life, her own career and her own future without blinking an eye at the thought of needing permission.  She loves to take the lead in every situation, so if a man does want her he will have to understand that he is not with a wallflower.  It takes a real man to be with a really strong woman.  Don’t look too shocked if she is the one doing the proposing.  Especially if you are taking too damn long.  She certainly does not want a man that is any less a man, she just needs someone who is strong and confident with himself to walk alongside her.  She wants to be proud of the person that she is with which is why settling for her is not an option.  Yes, she certainly demands a lot of the one she is with but she repays her loved ones tenfold.  

If you don’t have this woman tied down tight she has no problem leaving you and being on her own.  There is something scary about the idea of being fully committed to someone and a lot of it has to do with the fear of losing her sense of self.  So if you are in love with an Aries woman the very last thing you will ever want to do is change her or sway her to be a different way.  One day she may wake up and think, “I don’t know who I am in this relationship anymore” and she will leave to go find herself.  Don’t get me wrong, this woman plays for keeps but she needs freedom and space for herself.  This means you will have to trust her, but don’t worry because this woman is pretty much incapable of cheating.  She loves to throw herself into her relationships 100% and is really just to honest for any of that shit.

Most Aries women are totally into their career and it is a big part of who they are.  Being a Cardinal Fire sign this woman is usually one hell of a boss bitch.  There is practically nothing that she cannot tackle from stockbroking to modeling she can do it all.  She loves taking a stab at something whether it seems practical or not.  Practical is boring anyways, and this ram is anything but boring.

She is a pushover for compliments as long as you are being genuine about them, but is is immune to fuckboys.  She does not have the time or patience, and she will certainly let you know.  Most Aries women also prefer hanging out with guys than women so she knows how the male mind works so don’t try to pull a fast one on this girl.  You will regret it later.  

She makes an amazing partner in love.  She is generous, caring, helpful and strong.  She likes her lover to feel what she is feeling and reciprocate her emotions.  If you want to break her heart, dim her enthusiasm or hurt her pride.  Her pride and enthusiasm are what makes her FIRE.  Feed her fire rather than ever trying to dim her down.  If you are looking for a quiet housewife, you are looking at the wrong person here.  She has way too many things to do to be bothered with a mundane life.  If she is at all unhappy she is quick to get the scenery changed, which is why some are known to make impulsive decisions.  Some of their impulsive moves are great, and others they will regret for their whole lives – but that’s just them.

As a mother she is magical.  She won’t be overbearing or fuss over the baby constantly.  She is imaginative and playful making every holiday for her children pure magic.  She is that mom that goes outside in the bitter cold of winter on Christmas Eve after her kids are in bed to put reindeer prints in the snow, and glitter on the ground where the reindeer were, and even chomp on some carrots to really make her story believable.  They are amazing at fostering their children’s imaginations by creating a magical world for them to live in, because you see in many ways she is still a child herself and always will be.  

This woman has a brave smile, a strong handshake, passion for days, and is so exciting in every way.  Yes, she is a little impulsive, bossy and independent but you’ll just have to deal with it.  If you are looking for a strong teammate to believe in all of your dreams and have a fiery fierce faith in you, look no further than an Aries woman.


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