The Aquarius Woman


The Aquarian woman dreams different dreams and follows a star that most people has never seen. She lives and thinks outside the box and frequently jets off into space to live in her own universe. These February women are like snowflakes, every one is truly one of a kind. She belongs to everyone, and yet to no one. She can be loving, gentle and inspirational, but there is always a part of her that is hard to catch, and something about her that is so strange yet all so familiar. This elusiveness ties into her demand for freedom, so if she is given this freedom by the one she loves to be her true self she will give you love with limits that don’t exist, and a ticket to travel the stars with her.

She’s rarely worried about money. She has bigger fish to fry. She’s much more interested in a partner with intelligence, someone who will respect her and who will be her best friend first and foremost. The element of friendship is a common denominator in her life. She has tons of friends, guys and girls. In fact, she usually stays friends with her exes even after they break up because friendship is at the core of her relationships. Absence does not make her heart grow fonder, so if you’re trying to win her over playing the disappearance game to make her miss you won’t work. She’s got way too many things on her mind, and way too many friends to hang out with to even notice you’re gone. She has no problem finding her way through life alone and lives with an attitude that if it’s meant to be, it will be.

Aquarian women are often some of the most beautiful women in the zodiac, and they are always interesting to look at. They are those women that are able to pull any look off and they emit a sort of cool blue electric energy. There is very little that is conventional about her and her appearance follows suit. She’s usually a trendsetter without even trying mostly because she’s ten steps ahead of everyone and always living in the future. She likes to mix a little thrift shop with Chanel, a little leopard with lace, peacock feathers with bell bottom jeans, all while making it look effortlessly cool. This is a huge reason why I feel like Carrie Bradshaw’s character in SATC is a total Aquarius. Wacky and totally brilliant all at the same time.

The Water Bearer is known for their humanitarian efforts. Many of them have a deep calling to join the Peace Corps or other organizations likewise. As mothers they teach this value to their children. They are not overbearing or a nag, but more worries about their child’s education and if they’re kind and good people. Her natural nature is not very personal, so she will not mother like most. But don’t ask her why. She does everything a little differently that everyone else. She doesn’t know why she’s this way, so don’t bother asking her. She is tuned in to her own unique and unusual frequency which often sends her sudden flashes of inspiration for the future. So even if she says something wacky or impractical just remember that the Aquarian girl lives in tomorrow. What she says will come true, maybe not tomorrow but hang tight and see.

The Aquarius woman is a total social delight. She’s graceful, funny, smart, and extremely versatile in any social setting. She relates to so many people, yet to no one all at the same time. She embodies the best intentions for the whole of humanity. She is hard to find and hard to tie down, but most unicorns are. She lives in the future, way beyond the stars and if you are lucky enough she will take you along for the ride.


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