The Sagittarius Woman

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This woman sees the world exactly as it is.  Well, exactly as it is behind her rose-colored glasses.  How many people do you know that are able to look at the world with logic and yet still be as optimistic as a Sagittarius?  She just accepts things as they are, and with her very unique brand of charm, is able to see everything in a positive light.  Her honesty and frankness are things that grows on you over time.  You always know where you stand with her, because it is near impossible for her to lie.  There is no “guess how I feel” or “guess what I am thinking”, trust me you will know!  She is a Mutabke Fire sign, which means she is a hell of a talker and communicates in a fiery way. Even though it may feel like you are drinking water from a fire hose, she has a way of wrapping herself around people’s hearts without really ever trying.  


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