The Sagittarius Woman

Featured, sagittarius

The Sagittarius Woman

Featured, sagittarius

This woman sees the world exactly as it is.  Well, exactly as it is behind her rose-colored glasses.  How many people do you know that are able to look at the world with logic and yet still be as optimistic as a Sagittarius?  She just accepts things as they are, and with her very unique brand of charm, is able to see everything in a positive light.  Her honesty and frankness are things that grows on you over time.  You always know where you stand with her, because it is near impossible for her to lie.  There is no “guess how I feel” or “guess what I am thinking”, trust me you will know!  She is a Mutabke Fire sign, which means she is a hell of a talker and communicates in a fiery way. Even though it may feel like you are drinking water from a fire hose, she has a way of wrapping herself around people’s hearts without really ever trying.  

This woman is not going to always say the things that you want to hear.  She likes to state the facts and even sometimes ask ridiculous questions that may embarrass the quieter types, but that’s the thing with her – she is NOT a quiet type.  You have to take her for what she is, and either just laugh it off or move along.  But before you move along just wait a minute, because she is probably about to say something so honest and heartfelt about you that has you sticking around for more.  She doesn’t know how to sugar coat things, nor would she ever want to.  You can look at this in both a positive or negative way, but however you look at it don’t ever try to change that about her.  It is just who she is.

These women are very independent and have zero problem living alone.  She is hardly home anyways with all the travel they do anyway.  She is a total wanderlust and always down to take a new adventure.  She is the woman that is planning ways to escape her hometown after high school.  It is rare that a Sagittarius woman will live in the same city or even the same country her whole life.  They have too many things to see, people to meet, places to go.  They also love to learn and find education very important.  These women are very interested in education whether that means furthering their education in school or college, or just teaching themselves through experiences.  They are open to it all.  

This woman in love is looking for a strong protective partner, but not one that bosses her around.  Her own mother doesn’t boss her around so there is no way in hell you are going to get away with it.  She needs someone to foster her wild spirit while still keeping her safe.  This woman is not going to give up her individuality for you so you need to literally taker her or leave her.  She is so clever and so witty and rarely takes herself too seriously.  She never takes life too seriously and is always down for a good joke.  It is so hard to pin this beautiful woman down, but if you are careful you may be lucky enough to catch her.  She is so breezy and unconventional when it comes to love, so for her to get really serious or even think about marriage you will have to get creative.  The trick to getting her to marry you is to make her feel like she is not tied down.  

If you are looking for a housewife, you are looking in the wrong place.  Her children will adore her and will love being their best friends. She will make them laugh, and tell them the funniest stories.  They will pick up her bright energy, and learn all her clever ways.

No matter how smart this woman is, deep down she is naïve in many ways.  She always has such a positive outlook on everything which is wonderful but at times can get her into trouble.  It can have her believing that people always have her best intentions.  No matter how many times she is hurt, she will laugh it off and continue to believe that the next person won’t do the same.  In other words, they don’t always learn from their mistakes because they always want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.  It may be hard to believe because she is so sharp, but just remember that her mind is one thing yet her heart is another.  

This woman’s sunny personality has a way of melting the hardest hearts.  This beautiful woman seems so smart and steadfast, but when you get to know her, she is clumsy as hell and has says the damndest funniest things.  She is loyal, trusting and affectionate.  She is also a total idealist with dreams of creating harmony in a purple passionate utopia.  She needs a strong gentle soul that wants to dream right along with her.  Someone to laugh with her and take adventures right alongside her.  What she will never know, but you will soon find out, is that the greatest adventure, no matter how many places you go, is just being with her.


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