The Taurus Man

Featured, taurus

The Taurus Man

Featured, taurus

He is practical, logical, down to earth, and romantic.  The romantic part may be hard to believe if you are just meeting your Taurus man for the first time, but under all of that earthy exterior is a soft -hearted bull.  He is so patient and not in a rush to get anywhere, so if you are in love with this man, it may take him quite a while to decide if he wants to be with you.  Once he gives in, he is sensual and very thoughtful.   Once he claims you as his own, he is there to stay.  He is a tangible man and his senses are much more heightened that the average person, so make sure your hair is always clean, your skin is always soft, and that your sheets are always washed.

This Fixed Earth sign loves the senses, and that also includes hearing.  There is not a Taurus man on earth that does not like music.  He loves concerts, and probably is very passionate about his favorite bands.  They usually have very distinct voices both speaking and singing.  He is fabulous at gift giving and truly values quality over quantity.  

This man does not have crazy impractical dreams like that of  Pisces, he will never charm you like a Libra, or promise you wild fantasies like an Aries – he has his own brand of romance which is steadfastness and practicality.  He doesn’t have dreams, he has a plan.  He will not charm, he will give you honest answers.  He will not give you wild fantasies, he will give you true realities.  He is someone you can stand still with for quite a while because this guy emotionally and financially like to have his feet steady on the ground, so he needs a partner that appreciates solid value and not fun filled fantasies.  

This guy is definitely a planner.  He is funny when it comes to money; he will pinch his pennies so tight, but will splurge on vacations or gifts that are well made and that will last a long time.  He respects and wants a partner that is intelligent, but not one that is overbearing and forceful.  He doesn’t mind a little fire and sass, but all within reason.  He doesn’t mind someone emotional, but will not tolerate someone who is unreasonable.  He is very gentle and kind as well as being patient and tolerable.  If you ever embarrass him, he will move into silence and it will be hard for him to come out of it.  That stubbornness that Taurus is known for is a real thing, especially with male Taurus.  He will never leave you to fend for yourself, but he will punish you in his own way; the silent treatment.  That may not sound so bad at first, but when it has been a week it could drive anyone to insanity.  He is a man that just likes to wear the pants.  So if you don’t mind that in a man, continue on.

This guy loves to do things outside.  Hunting, fishing camping, gardening, hiking, you name it.  He is a salt of the earth kind of guy that loves good homemade meals, and has a serious sweet-tooth.  If he doesn’t cook himself, he will love a partner that is able to feed him.  As a father he will be spectacular.  He will be so warm, affectionate, and sympathetic to his children as well as having much to teach them.  

This man’s career is important to him because of his inherent need to provide, as well as his love of having a cushy bank account.  This guy likes to pay things in full.  He will be a very hard worker even sometimes overworking himself.  When he needs to rest, let him rest.  Give him a place to lay his head after a long day and you will see him repay you in full with his grace and consideration.  

He is simple and honest – he is strong and gentle – he can give you every type of security under the Sun.  He may not be the most exciting guy you have ever met, but you have to respect him for the practical guy that he is.  Even when he is being stubborn just remember that the positive word for stubborn is patience, and we all know that love is patient and love is kind.  


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