Capricorn Woman – Pisces Man

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The Capricorn woman is made up of class and quality, and the Pisces man is made up of dreams and romance. She will be attracted to his wonderful ideas and he will ask her the night he meets her to fly away with him somewhere only lovers go, and her eyes will sparkle with delight as she starts planning the rest of their life together. Pump the brakes Cappy, because one thing you will need to know is that these two signs are cut from completely different cloth. When Capricorn talks about her dreams, she will have a plan set in place on how to get there, whereas when a Pisces speaks about his dreams he is simply spewing out from his heart – there is not necessarily a plan in place to get there. This is where they will be able to help each other – he’ll have the dreams and she will figure out a way to make them into reality. One thing he should keep in mind is that she is patient, but she will not have any patience for laziness.


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