Taurus Woman – Leo Man

Featured, leo, taurus

Taurus Woman – Leo Man

Featured, leo, taurus

The Leo man is a king in his own respect, and he likes to be treated as such. His private, or sometimes not so private, goal is to rule everything around him. A Taurus woman doesn’t mind taking a backseat and letting her man drive, but don’t get it twisted she is not going to worship the ground he walks on. He has a need to be flattered and complimented, and it is not like she has a problem singing his praises but she won’t do it to flatter him. She only dishes out a compliment if it is well deserved and meaningful. She is not one to blow smoke up anyone’s ass. So you can see where these two can get into a bit of a tiff.

These two may meet at a party hosted by mutual friends. She will probably hear him before she sees him with his boisterous voice. He will be surrounded by both men and women listening intently to his story and laughing at his jokes. He loves to be the center of attention, but if anyone can see through smoke, it is a Taurus. She will see something else other than the attention seeking clown in front of her. If she can get him alone, a task easier said than done, she can probably figure out that he is a noble, gentle and loving soul. He will soon realize that he will need more than just words to win over this sensual woman, he will need to show her. Taurus needs her partner to walk the walk, and if he loves her he will do just that.

Where she will really make him feel like a King is behind closed doors. Through her sensual lovemaking he will feel like the king he is.  Whatever their relationship lacks will be made up for in the bedroom. In many ways she will surprise him with how erotic she is. She is such a practical woman everywhere else, but one thing to take note of is there is not another sign in the zodiac that appreciates tangibility more than a Taurus. Sex pleases every sense, and she is a master of senses. Like I said, it is better to show a Taurus than tell a Taurus, and Leo has no problem putting on a show. 

She will make their home so lovely and wonderful and they certainly do both have a love for the finer things in life, hers for the quality and his for the recognition. However many of their similarities, they do have some glaring differences, and one of them is how they handle an argument. She is much more slow to anger than he is. She will put up with a great deal of bullshit before ever really bringing anything to his attention. If she does happen to get angry with you Leo, I would give her space. Lots of space. She will remember everything and tends to hold on to hard feelings. This is something to be aware of Leo, because enough of those negative pent up feelings and she could be gone for good. What works is that these two signs do respect each other, and if they can keep that tone of respect in their disagreements, they can find a way to agree to disagree.

On the flip-side of the Taurus woman’s stubbornness she is also steady, brave, warm, devoted, and calm under the most stressful scenarios. She also has a great sense of humor which is something that they will share. They will probably love stand up comedies, and making each other laugh. When she is really in love she is so affectionate and incredibly generous which is something they also share.

Even though a Leo man can seem vain and proud he is really sunny and hopeful. When he is in love he would bravely fight any war victoriously for her. He has wisdom hidden beneath that big personality that if you stick around long enough for you can see. His chivalry will be something that has other women envying your relationship with him, but his loyalty is unmatched.

Even though these two had hurdles to jump through when it comes to meeting each other on a similar emotional ground, their strength in love for one another and unshakable loyalty can overcome anything that they face. When they have a rough day all they have to do is get in the car and drive. She will lay her head on his strong shoulder and he will love they way she smells. They listen to their favorite song cruising along the highway of life while the world melts away.


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