Virgo Woman – Gemini Man

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When she first meets this man, she will love the idea of a casual relationship. She loves how he charms her and fires up her mind in such fascinating conversation. Their banter and witty chatter are like two evenly talented opponents in a heated tennis match – a new winner every time. Then one day she will blink, and realize that they have been together for a year or two and something inside her will make her worry about how she got so far with a man who seems to constantly wonder physically, mentally and emotionally. She realizes that all of the reasons she loves him, are also reasons of concern like his predictability which is completely non-existent where she is as predictable as you get. You see, he needs someone like that in his life. Somewhere he is able to call home-base. Someone to bring him out of the clouds. As long as he is able to show her appreciation, which she desperately needs and deserves considering she probably does most of the chores Gemini just so happens to never have time for, this could work for them. These two need to know who they are, and appreciate each other for it, flaws and all.


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