Gemini Woman – Aries Man

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This Gemini woman is so different from the rest. She is so free spirited and her attitude is as light as a feather . She seems so unattainable, and yet somehow fragile in it all. “She needs me”, the Aries man will think to himself. But does she? Her whole life she has been floating on any breeze that picks her up along the way meeting lovers of all different types. He won’t want to know about a single one of them Gemini, so spare him any details because his jealousy will get the best of him. Her mind is really where the gold is for him. She is so smart, and so witty, and he wants to hear everything she has learned along the way. There is something about her he will want to harness, want to hold, want to keep all to himself, but the only way for this to work is if he holds her very loosely. You don’t want to cage this bird, or the things you love about her will start to fade.


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