Libra Woman – Leo Man

Featured, leo, libra

Libra Woman – Leo Man

Featured, leo, libra

Look and listen – that is all he will want to do when he meets this beautiful woman. He will will love looking at her sweet dimpled smile, and he will love listening to her musical voice. She will smell like roses and her aura will be of pink hues. He will be so smitten with her he won’t even realize how bossy she is. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, she is an iron fist in a velvet glove. She’s not bossy the way an Aries woman is bossy, she is a lot more coy about it. She swoons her way by using her power from Venus to get what she wants, and she usually always gets what she wants.

These two both love to work. It is rare that you will find a Libra woman who doesn’t work. Even if she stays home with the kids, she will create a job or jobs for herself at home. Speaking of home, they both love to spend their money on beautiful comforts of life. He will probably be a bit more conservative than her when it comes to finances, but if she wants something she usually doesn’t have a problem convincing him that they need it.

She loves to be married, so Leo if you don’t see yourself with her for the long term you may be surprised when you find yourself proposing in a blink of an eye. If she has her eye on a mate, it is rare that she will not be able to use her charm to get her love down on one knee. In fact, Leo is happier and more faithful and more relaxed once he is married. He really likes being married once he is convinced, but it’s no easy feat taming a lion. He likes to have a queen and a castle to come home to every night. Marriage is really good for these two.

She is beautiful and intelligent, and always knows how to smooth him over. She is so incredibly poised that his heart will just have no other choice but to love her forever, even if she gets some of his limelight. He isn’t so bad himself, he is after all the king of the jungle. He is incredibly masculine and quite grand in everything he does. He is incredibly popular with both women and men which usually bothers most other signs, but she will never show him if it does. He has a wonderful warm energy to him that can fill any room. He is a wonderful person to come home to after a long hard day.

She will love his grand gestures of romance; lovely gifts, dozens of roses, and fancy dinners.  She loves romance and he isn’t short of any. Sex is also nothing short of grand with him too. She will be able to fulfill his jungle like desires with ease and pleasure.  What may come as a surprise is that her sex drive will be more than the lazy lions, so he had better keep up with her.  Their sex is pleasurable, and always followed by a good nap. These two both LOVE to nap, so it is smart to invest it a nice comfortable bed.

These two will never lose interest in one another, and they always seem to find something to talk about together.He has a lot of wisdom to share with her and she always makes him feel like a king. She will also be teaching him the ways of love and beauty, but she does it in her way – a Libran way where you don’t even know that it is happening at all. Then one day he will wake up enveloped in her pink clouds of charm knowing that there is no escape, and he won’t even mind one bit at all. The Lion has been tamed by Venus.


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