Cancer Woman – Aries Man

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The first time he meets the Cancer woman he will think she is made of sugar and spice and everything nice, which she is but what he may not see right away is her set of razor-sharp pincers.  Her lunar magic has this Aries man spellbound.  She is incredibly feminine and even tells him that she has been looking for a strong man that she can lean on, which is something he wants to be for anyone he is with.  She is so appealing, but as he gets closer and closer, he may start to feel a little stifled.  This will be confusing for her, because he seems to love being smothered in compliments, but that is not the same to him as being smothered in a lot of emotion to where he feels his freedom slipping.  He will have to be in the right place in his life to be with this woman, and that place that I am referring to is one where he is ready to settle down.  If he is not there yet Cancer, ask him for a rain check a few years down the road.


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