Sagittarius Woman – Taurus Man

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The Sagittarius woman is a lot smarter than most give her credit for.  Even though her optimism may come off as being naive, that is not quite the case with her.  In the past she has been hurt, she still chooses to walk into every relationship with her heart on her sleeve because that is where she believes it belongs.  Some may say that she never learns her lesson, but I think she does and yet she chooses to always give love a chance no matter how hard it can be.  Her heart is not easily hardened the way most people’s can become.  When those hardened hearts hear about this Taurus man falling for this extroverted fiery woman, they will tell him it’s a bad idea.  How could he possibly deal with this woman’s nonsensical frame of mind?  It is called love and patience.  Love is patience, and the Bull has plenty to give this woman.


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