Taurus Woman – Libra Man

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The Taurus woman’s life with no love is a muddy colored world that she patiently lives in until she meets someone that is able to paint the sky.  That is exactly what a Libra man does when you dive into a relationship with one.  They paint the sky cotton candy colors more beautiful than you have ever seen.  He is sweet like candy and she really likes candy.  Everything about his physical appearance is appealing to her, and she has an incredibly high taste level because her senses are so on point.  Everything from his creamy voice, his sparkling flirtatious eyes, to his dimpled sugar sweet smile will have her heart doing back flips.  He is a charmer there is no denying that, but she may not see the storm that is brewing in the horizon because she is so busy looking at the pink and blue hues he painted in the sky.  The storm she needs to be wary of is if his romantics towards her are forever or just for now.


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