Taurus Woman – Sagittarius Man

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He will be so excited when he meets his Taurus woman.  He isn’t sure exactly what she will be for him in his life, but he knows he needs to have her.  When she meets her optimistic Sagittarius man she will have serious plans in mind for their future, and she has the patience to make it happen.  For a man that prides himself on his openness and honesty, he isn’t always so open about his intentions when it comes to love.  Not because he wants to be dishonest, but because he really isn’t so sure about staying anywhere for too long.  He has so many people to meet and so many things to do in his life.  She has another plan on her mind for the two of them, and she falls in love with him for all of the right reasons; his energy is bright and happy, wonderful to talk to, he is enthusiastic, and absolutely addicting to be around.


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