Virgo Woman – Libra Man

Featured, libra, virgo

Virgo Woman – Libra Man

Featured, libra, virgo

You are walking through a wooded forest. You take a deep breath in and the crisp fresh air fills your lungs. You can smell the scent of pine and earth while the sound of birds chirp their happy songs and the sunlight dances dappled through the trees. Then you close your eyes and hear the wind rustle the leaves and you have a feeling of calmness come over your whole body and all of your stress melts away.  That is what it is like being around a Virgo woman.  Her eyes sparkle like the sunlight on the forest floor.  She is refreshing, cool, pure, and white.  Her tender touch and aura creates  a world of woodland spirit that can calm the anxiety of a weary soul that walks her sunlit trails, and this is why the Libra man needs her so.

To the Libra man, life is not worth living without love.  He will do whatever he can to make things work for them and to make her happy.  They will both have to sacrifice things that they want to make this love work, but that is what love is after all – compromise.  What they will need to decide is how much.  She will have to get used to his crabby attitudes when something or someone knocks his scales out of balance, but he makes it up to her the next day when he is back to his funny sweet charming self.  It drives her crazy that he is such a mess, but his sweet smile, wonderful conversation, and brilliant mind help her forget his sloppiness. 

Their chemistry isn’t fast and intense, it is soft and sweet.  They will both be content with their sexual encounters with each other.  He can be overly romantic that it may turn her off at times.  It can even overwhelm her when they first meet, because she wonders how genuine he could actually be.  However, once she sees that his romantic gestures are straight from his Venus ruled heart, she will give in to him completely. 

Virgos don’t often complain about situations that they are not happy in, and Libra men are not very good at reading in-between the lines.  This is where some of the trouble can lie in this relationship.  Libras are so very good at getting what they want, that they tend to mold their partner into a version of themselves and into their own lifestyle.  He needs to remember that she too is an individual with different wants and needs than his own.  If he doesn’t catch on to this soon enough, she may love herself in the relationship and resent him for it. In the very worst case, she will leave.  A Libra man reading this may think to himself, “She would never leave me, we are in love.”  Let me lead you in on a little secret Libra, it takes more than just love to make a relationship succeed.  This woman may not seem like she has the willpower to go, but she will if she feels that it is the right thing to do.  She is much stronger than she leads on. This woman will not settle for crumbs, she wants and deserves the whole damn cake. Virgos are not innocent here either.  They need to tell their Libra what they need.  It is okay to be direct, even though it isn’t your preferred style.  

The truth is that he needs her calming presence to help his indecisive and weary mind, and she needs his romantic air to brighten up her sky.  Yes she is the beautiful forest, but if you can see past her trees he is the sunset in the distance that paints the heavens above.  He is the light that dances through her trees and the wind that rustles her branches.  He is the sound of the birds singing their sweet songs. She is the stillness and he is the movement.  Together they make an entire picture.  Together they are a work of art.




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