Capricorn Woman – Cancer Man

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These two are opposites and automatically attracted to each other. The Cancer man is gentle, considerate, and courteous, especially to her. The Capricorn woman is always willing to help in troubled times. Her quiet and demure nature makes her a solid woman in every way. However, she will never allow herself to be used by anyone, not even if she loves them. If she really wants something, she will not bat her eyelashes and beg for it, she will just go get it herself. What she likes she will take, and what she does not she will eliminate. There is nothing complicated about it at all. She is a lot less sensitive than him in this way. In fact, she is a lot less sensitive than him in every way. At times what he wants is someone to baby him and stroke his soft ego, but that is just not her style of doing things. This will cause him to retreat into his hard shell often.


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