Leo Woman – Taurus Man

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“Could he win this Queen’s heart?”, the Taurus man will wonder when he meets her. He is so sensible, and she is so fabulous. He has been saving all his love and all his money for his future wife, and she certainly fits his bill. A Leo woman is looking for a man who recognizes her as a Queen, who can adore her and give her the life she deserves. She wants a life filled with beautiful things, a big house with velvet furniture, parties with her friends, vacations to Africa with safaris planned. She wants to live a lavish full life. You can understand how this may make him a little nervous, because he does not want to disappoint her, but he also does not like spending his hard-earned money on anything frivolous. If she is willing to wait a little while and not rush him, he will give in this area. Just give him some time, make him think that it is his idea, and do not nag him.


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