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Aries Sun/Rising The theme of your month is career, Aries! Jupiter Rx and Pluto Rx are affecting your career path, current profession, and recognition. You may be feeling under-appreciated at work. There could be a lack of recognition, and/or difficulties in the workplace that’s causing you to rethink your current situation. As a bright fire sign, you could also feel stifled in your workplace. It’s possible you’re restless from routine. You could also be sick of being a lower man on the totem pole. After all, Aries is a cardinal sign which infers that you do best when you’re in charge. If there’s a lack of progress, control, independence, or general break-up in routine, work does feel like a chore. In a perfect world, you would happily do whatever you could for a job. Realistically, you still have to bring home the bacon. With Pluto Rx, you could be rethinking how you could “end” this phase of your career. It may include rethinking what your perfect job is. With Saturn Rx affecting your communities, you’re beginning to realize that it’s time to form new connections. Over the next few months, it’ll be an ideal time to rebrand your communities. It could begin with finding a supportive work environment. It could also start with making new connections to help you advance. Or even finding new friends to break up the monotony in life. These aspects will help you realize that your profession needs to have a higher purpose in your life. After all, you’re a trailblazer, so it’s no surprise if you want to make a difference in the world. Key dates to be mindful of include the 7th, and the 11th through the 14th. There’s a Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7th. This may be around the time where your “ah-ha” moment occurs. It can be an emotionally intense time, especially if you’re coming to the realization that your career path isn’t what you expected. Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter Rx’s occur between the 11th and 14th. This will be around the time where you begin to feel stifled, or angered by your current situation’s lack of progress. Honor your feelings during this time. Try to intellectualize and productively communicate how you’re feeling if need be.

Taurus Sun/Rising If Taurus were a tarot card, it would reflect the 4 of Pentacles. In this card, there’s a man sitting down, holding tightly to a coin with three coins in front of him. The basic meaning of this card is holding on too tightly, usually to finances. It can impose a stingy energy. With this being noted, Taurus will heavily focus on finances in May. It’s understandable if you’re feeling financially constrained at this time. When Venus stations retrograde on May 13th, this will begin to impact your finances. It may come to your attention that you either spend your money too frivolously, or not at all. Basically, it’s one extreme or the other. Which, again, is understandable. You may have held on tightly to your financial resources during quarantine out of fear, especially if you were unemployed at this time. Likewise, you may have coped with recent events through spending money on take-out, beauty products, clothes, and more. While Venus Rx is transiting, you will have to take a look at your financial literacy. This could be an ideal time to speak to your bank on putting limits on your cards, or getting a better grasp on having a healthy relationship with money. Aside from finances, Taurus will be going through a spiritual awakening. As Jupiter Rx and Pluto Rx impact your spiritual path and higher education, you can expect to have epiphanies over the next few months. These epiphanies will relate very strongly to your financial status, particularly what needs to change in your life. It could be strongly related to putting off your education due to financial shortcomings. You may be feeling stuck, stagnant, and/or unfulfilled. As Jupiter Rx is transiting in your chart, you may find that you will the opportunity to expand your horizons. But Pluto Rx is also transiting, so this infers that you have to let go in order to receive. “When one door closes, another door opens”. As Taurus is a fixed sign, this is a Zodiac sign who tends to resist change. But with these retrogrades, you will find that change is necessary for evolution. This could infer periods of financial stability and instability over the next few months. It could also be the way you view your resources, and how your viewpoints can be limiting to you. All in all, May looks like a challenging month for Taurus.

Gemini Sun/Rising May is going to reflect Gemini’s self-acceptance and self-love journey. When Venus stations retrograde on May 13th, this will be impacting your self-expression and first impressions. During Venus Rx, you may begin to feel insecure about yourself. This could be related to your appearance. It could also infer anxiety about how others perceive you. You may begin to stress over your small, superficial interactions. This will be a time to focus on self-love. Beginning to love yourself for who you are by replacing bravado with confidence will be key. This will be in relation to accepting your shadow self. During this time, Pluto Rx and Jupiter Rx will be challenging just how much you’re willing to expose or explore. This can be in relation to exposing your taboo interests, weird habits, masking the ego, and more. Part of your self-love journey is exploring your hidden self. You may find that your hidden aspects are being brought to light, per the Pluto Rx influence. This can be terrifying, as Gemini does like to wear a mask to hide its true form from public scrutiny. As you begin to reveal your true self, you may find that you have luck with acceptance per Jupiter Rx. But Jupiter Rx can also blow things out of proportion. You may find that upon revealing yourself, you’re met with over-the-top reactions. These reactions will be both positive and negative. After all, Jupiter Rx infers luck that turns on a dime. So, you will be both lucky and unlucky when revealing who you are. But this will heavily reflect in your journey towards self-love and acceptance. You will find that not everybody likes you for you, but will find that no matter what, you need to like you for you. This is the beginning of learning karmic lessons in regard to your own evolution. This period is also marked as Saturn Rx begins to transit in your sector of spirituality and higher education. This transit can be particularly draining, but also enlightening. It could be ideal as Gemini is a naturally curious sign. So, learning karmic lessons may point you towards re-focusing your spiritual education at this time. I suggest looking at positive psychology to help you on your path towards self-acceptance.

Cancer Sun/Rising Relationships come into focus during May! Cancer, it’s possible you’re blind in love. You’re a sweet sign who likes to see the good in all, which can lead to being self-deceptive. With the Full Moon on the 5th, you’re going to come to head with some relationship drama that’s been brewing. This could be with a friend, coworker, partner, family member, etc. Around the 5th, you’re going to have an “ah-ha” moment of clarity. It could be intrinsic, or extrinsic. Regardless, it will come to your attention why something occurred the way it did or why someone had hurt you in a certain way. Likewise, it could be a moment of insight to your own actions. But this insight may become jaded, especially when Venus Rx will affect your subconscious. Over the next month, you’re going to struggle with acceptance of a relationship. Since Pluto Rx is affecting your commitments and partnerships, this could allude to accepting the ending of a relationship. It could be a break-up, or the ending of a phase with someone. It could also infer the ending of an argument. The key to these transits is understanding how you need to move on in a healthy, productive manner. Between these two aspects alone, you may be ruminating on why a relationship ended or didn’t come into fruition. Since Saturn Rx is impacting your deeply private sex life, you could be feeling the karmic repercussion of a sexual relationship. It’s possible that you may be feeling sexually used by someone else, or didn’t have a healthy sexual relationship with your partner. Likewise, this could also infer that sex was used in attempt to solidify a relationship, which didn’t end up working. This may make you reflect on how open you were versus how open they were. This will go back to your subconscious evolution. It’s possible that you begin to accept the reality of your situation. Maybe you weren’t entirely emotionally vulnerable in your relationship. You could have kept aspects of yourself hidden in order to salvage the relationship. You may have also disregarded someone else’s emotional vulnerability, or lack of. This could explain any self-deception that played a part in the relationship ending. The theme of this month is moving forward. When the New Moon occurs on the 12th, consider setting intentions for all relationships moving forward. Ask yourself what your standards are, and how you can avoid settling for less.

Leo Sun/Rising Leos are known to be overly generous, which is why it’s time to give back to yourself during May. Leo, your area of relationships and communities are impacted by the retrograde season. As Venus Rx affects your relationships with your communities, you may realize it’s time to take a step back from your groups. It’s likely that you go overboard with your loved ones. Although admirable, it can leave you feeling drained, under-appreciated, and not reciprocated. Who is bringing joy into your life? And who is taking joy from your life? How can you ensure reciprocity in your connections? Your karmic lessons will unfold as Saturn Rx affects your commitments and partnerships. You may find that it’s time to pull back when others can’t match you. But over-committing yourself will only hurt you in the long-run. Although difficult and even emotionally uncomfortable, you will find gains through losses. When letting go of or addressing unfulfilling relationships, it may take a toll on your health and performance. Your health and environment is being impacted by Jupiter Rx and Pluto Rx. Pluto Rx will teach you when to let go, and when to work on a relationship. You will know the difference as your mental health will be impacted. For example, if you’ve had the same conversation with a friend over the same grievances, but there is no progress, it’s time to let go. Jupiter Rx will also impose luck and expansion. If you choose to hang onto unfulfilling communities, you will find that there will be no prosperity. Likewise, if you choose to let go in hopes of finding a more welcoming, reciprocal community, you will find that your environment and health will greatly benefit from this change. May’s anthem is “Do I stay or do I go?”. Especially since Leo is loyal to a fault, this will be a difficult process. But the ultimate lesson of this retrograde season is teaching you that loyalty and generosity to yourself should be prioritized. This comes in the form of walking away from communities that hold you back, or drain your resources. Once you’re able to walk away, the rest will fall into place.

Virgo Sun/Rising All work and no play, can make Virgo feel dull. May’s intense retrograde season will be putting your health and self-care into focus. Life is about balance, and while you intrinsically know this, it may be hard practicing what you preach. Virgo, your creative endeavors, fun, and drama will be affected by the Pluto Rx and Jupiter Rx. It’s possible that you’ve been over-extending yourself. Maybe you’ve committed to too much, or have put off your own needs. Pluto Rx is going to call for dramatic transformation. Pluto Rx may first put your drama into rearview. It’s time to let go of the past in order to accept the future. This drama may be difficult to let go of if it’s related to your job, or a coworker. But you may find that if you harp on the negatives of life, you will continue to fail to see the positives. Kicking unnecessary drama to the curb is going to be crucial. It no longer matters if you were right or wrong. It is what it is. Pluto Rx is also going to put your enjoyable hobbies into highlight. Virgo, it may be easy (and common) for you to prioritize work. Staying busy is good, but it can cause an overload of stress. If you lack any healthy, positive outputs, Pluto Rx will bring this into focus. It’s time to re-invest in the activities you love. Find your zest for life again! If you choose to embrace these dramatic transformations, Jupiter Rx will bless you. If not, Jupiter Rx will blow the karmic repercussions out of the water. These repercussions will be strongly influenced on your health, per Saturn Rx. Again, if you’re giving too much to others, but nothing to yourself, your health and environment will begin to suffer. Virgo, prolonging unhappiness and negativity will bode anxiety and melancholy. Between these three retrogrades alone, it’s no surprise if Virgo has an epiphany this month about how drastically they need to change certain lifestyle habits. Just remember that you can’t keep pouring from an empty cup forever!

Libra Sun/Rising As a sign ruled by Venus, it’s not surprising that Libra tends to love being in love. After all, the Venus Rx will put you on a spiritual journey to love. But the road you take to being in love first starts with the self. Libra, you’re a sign who enjoys partnerships, but you ought to understand that the partnership with yourself is most important. In order to fully embrace the future of romance, take a blast to your past first. To become ready for your journey, you’re going to be tested when Pluto Rx and Jupiter Rx take a hit on your family and home. Pluto Rx may infer that you need to let go, most likely from familial wounds. It’s possible that you have emotional wounds that relate to your family, upbringing, or home you grew up in. If this is the case, Pluto Rx will want to transform your relationship with your family. This could be actually letting go of toxic, unsupportive familial figures. It could also relate to letting go of the wounds you may have, which may infer letting go of the affect your family has had on you. As Pluto Rx bodes you to move on, Jupiter Rx will influence how your luck will turn. Jupiter Rx will go one of two ways. If you choose to hang onto any pain, you will continue to feel the pain tenfold. While holding on, your ability to create your own positive home will not come into fruition. If you choose to forgive and let go, you will find that your horizons will expand. Part of loving yourself will be healing yourself. This, in turn, will make you spiritually ready to be in love with someone else. As this occurs, Saturn Rx will affect your drama and sexual exploration. It’s possible that because you felt unloved by your family, you found love elsewhere. Or perhaps, the idea of love. This could be using sex to solidify relationships, feelings of love, or feelings of self-worth. In the end, you probably felt emptier than before. Because of this, drama may have ensued. Maybe it’s getting into sexually risky situations, hurting others, or infusing drama for attention. As Saturn Rx affects these two areas of life, you’re going to sit through karmic repercussions. You will find that the love you deserve was never supposed to be highly sexual, risqué, or dramatic in nature. While learning these lessons, it may trigger those childhood wounds. All in all, don’t be surprised if this leads to your spiritual awakening. Your journey, although emotionally draining, will lead you towards true love. Love within yourself and with others.

Scorpio Sun/Rising The Full Moon in Scorpio puts your sense of self into inspection on May 7th. This could be a time to take a hard look on what’s not working. What’s tough is that the moon is detriment in the sign of Scorpio, meaning it’s not working to its fullest potential. This can seem like a bummer, but actually explains why Scorpio is stuck in a rut. The retrograde season is going to force you to accept change. You’re typically someone who’s not afraid to evolve. However, there’s been an air of uncertainty lingering for a while. The disconnect between what’s going on and what needs to happen seems vast. You, although intensely transformative, are still a fixed sign. When Venus Rx affects your hidden self, you’re going to want to invest time and energy into self-love. Scorpio can be a dark, harsh sign that may forgo self-compassion. But you will find that in order to heal from the other retrogrades, you’re going to need to be forgiving to your hidden self. As Venus Rx affects the unknown, Pluto and Jupiter Rx’s are going to affect your communication and childhood experiences. This will relate very strongly to the Saturn Rx, which is going to affect your home and family. This may be a time where your hidden self, desires, interests, etc. come to light. You may have neglected or hidden these parts of yourself since early childhood. Or you may have neglected to fully express the truth behind your hidden desires. Because of this, your home and family is going to take a hit. You may find that as you unfold your own truth, it will change familial dynamics. Your truth is going to feel like a bomb went off. Because of this, your family will have to collectively transform with you. This collective transformation can go one of two ways, per Jupiter Rx’s influence. If your family accepts you for you, then you will find that your home will evolve for the better. If there’s negativity, you may feel disconnected from your family. It wouldn’t be surprising if you felt the need to leave your home for a bit to collect yourself. This may be difficult, given quarantine, so there may be a desire to leave. It could be as simple as staying with friends, or as drastic as leaving your city to find yourself. No matter how your family appraises this situation, you will learn a karmic lesson, per Saturn’s influence. This may be a lesson in owning your truth, or perhaps, realizing that the truth should’ve been brought to light way sooner. It could have a karmic impact on your communication methods. It may be time to figure out a better time and place to convey your message. It can also impact any familial wounds from childhood that have kept your true self stifled. Now, this is where Venus Rx comes back into play. No matter what your karmic lesson is, it will be coupled with self-acceptance and self-compassion.

Sagittarius Sun/Rising Sagittarius is like a wildfire – it has a tendency to consume everything in its path, often suffocating all life. Sagittarius may find that it has been spending 2020 in the same sense. You may have had quite a reckless year. I get it, we all think we’re untouchable. Until we’re not. As the retrograde season unfolds, so does the consequences to your actions. Consider this statement both in dark and light contexts. Your retrograde season is heavily connected to your wealth, commitments, and communication. You, in your mutable nature, are spread out. But these aspects do connect when it comes to business. Sagittarius is a sign ruled by Jupiter, which infers expansion, dreams, and growth. But it’s time to be practical in your pursuits. As Venus Rx affects your relationships and commitments, you’re going to find that you may have regrets over recent decisions. You may want to reach out to that ex to reconcile, or reconnect with an old flame. If it’s business related, you may have regretted turning down or accepting an offer. Given the COVID-19 situation, you may have regretted switching professions before quarantine. These aspects are heavily connected to how Jupiter Rx, Pluto Rx, and Saturn Rx will affect you. Jupiter Rx and Pluto Rx are going to affect your wealth. This is where you may come to regret business decisions. You may be struggling on unemployment benefits, without a job, or working from home and hating it. You may also be someone who returns to work, but does so against better judgement. Pluto Rx infers mass transformations in regard to your finances. You will have a significant 6-month period of financial instability. Hold onto your resources! Be mindful of investments or switching jobs as this will go one of two ways, per Venus Rx. Plus, Jupiter Rx will explode the effect of Pluto Rx. If you’re fiscally literate, it’s possible you will coast for the next 6 months. If you’re fiscally irresponsible, you may flounder. If floundering, you could be subjected to losing tangible items (I.e. selling to pawn shops for money, reposition, etc.). Something interesting to note is divorce or separation! This may only affect a few of you. Venus Rx affecting relationships could lead to separation/divorce, which could explain why Pluto Rx and Saturn Rx are affecting you financially. Aside from this potential possibility, Saturn Rx will be impacting your communication. When dealing with flailing relationships, business plans, and more, be aware in your communicative measures. If you’re not assured, thorough, and responsible in your communication, this will come back to haunt you. So, for example, if you are in separation/getting divorce, be mindful of how you choose to respond to your ex. If you’re dealing with business ventures, be astute in what you want to do. Even if you’re unsure about collecting unemployment, make the call to your HR or to the unemployment office itself. All in all, the better you communicate, the better your situation will fair.

Capricorn Sun/Rising As ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is no stranger to the test of karma. May will be pivotal to your evolution. As Capricorn is the astrological equivalent of Father Time, you’re going to experience a 6-month period of maturation. You’ll first feel the push to evolve when Jupiter Rx and Pluto Rx impact your sense of self. Jupiter Rx infers that it’s time evolve spiritually and mentally. This will occur as Pluto Rx destroys your self-limiting attitude, belief systems, and perception. Throughout the next 6 months, you’re going to be forced to view things with a hopeful yet realistic viewpoint. Capricorn is a sign that typically see the downfalls in every venture. During this period, you’re going to be asked to be more positive about how you view yourself, your ventures, and the world. If you’re able to ease into a more positive mindset, Jupiter Rx will greatly influence the wonders of the world. If you stay stuck in a rut, you’re going to continue to exacerbate your limited reality. This is going to take a toll on your relationship with work and finances. Saturn Rx will be impacting your wealth, but Venus Rx will be affecting work and health. As a Capricorn, you have the desire to be working at all times, mainly for the sake of financial stability. The Rx season will have you choose between your health and working yourself to death. You may be someone who bites off way more than you can chew. Your workload may be impressive, but this can impose stress, anxiety, and depression. You’re going to have to weigh the pros and cons of work. As Saturn Rx impacts your wealth, you may find that your financial literacy is at stake. Karmic lessons will be in relation to your resources. You will need to learn when to let go, or invest, and when to save thoughtfully. As this is transiting, Venus Rx will strike down on your health in relation to work. If you’ve been over-working yourself for the sake of financial stability, you’re most likely feeling emotionally and mentally drained. Venus Rx is going to force you to re-evaluate your relationship with work. Moderation is key. Finding balance between work and life will come into focus. After all, financial stability doesn’t necessarily equate emotional stability. So, what’s the price you’re willing to put on your mental health? As the answer slowly reveals itself, it will influence your self-identity.

Aquarius Sun/Rising Aquarius is going to struggle with coming to grips of embracing a new self. The beginning of this will be crystalized when Saturn Rx impacts your sense of identity. As Saturn Rx transits in your chart, this is the beginning of a new chapter that will last about 28 years. Saturn Rx is going to trim the fat on your identity. In essence, the old, stagnant aspects of yourself will be shed. You’re going to be forced into a new phase, particularly one colored by accepting change. This is a rather difficult transit as Aquarius is a fixed sign. Since you’re a fixed sign, you’re someone who likes to be steady, but this can also lead to being stuck. Because of the immense change that is ongoing in your life, your subconscious will be impacted by Jupiter Rx and Pluto Rx. Both of these planetary retrogrades will accelerate the changes in yourself and your life. Part of accepting your losses will be crucial to remodeling your subconscious. If you’re able to accept what has been lost with grace, Jupiter Rx will accelerate your spiritual journey. You will find that you’re able to ease into your new phase. If you resist accepting what’s been lost, Jupiter Rx is still going to force you onto the next phase of your journey but it’s not going to be emotionally easily. It’s going to be a jarring experience to mentally accept that you’re on a different path now than the one you were originally on. The more you resist, the harder it will be on you mentally. Especially since you’re a fixed sign, you may find that it’s almost impossible to accept that you’re not going to end up where you thought you were. This will be strongly in related to your career and finances. You may have had a specific idea of what you wanted to be in life. But you may find that dream doesn’t match reality. For example, maybe you’re struggling to find a profession in your field, or are vastly under-qualified for said profession. It’s possible that you may have to go back to school, but lack the drive to do so. Maybe it’s even unsuccessfully completing crucial coursework for a desired degree or certification. Whatever the case may be, you’re finding that you’re not ending up on the desired path. It’s even likely something else caught your eye, but you’re unwilling to explore that option because you’re fixated on what you think you should do. As an innovative thinker, this conundrum is stifling your creativity. You may find that you’re closing yourself off to enjoyable activities, or pleasure. It’s possible you’re even brewing drama in your personal life because you’re not handling this transition well. Here’s the biggest thing to consider – this could last between 6 months to 28 years. You need to decide when you’re done standing in your own way. The sooner you begin to accept the reality of change, the better off you’ll be. You may find that this new chapter will expose your soul’s purpose. The opportunity begins now. I suggest trying to come to terms with it over the next 6 months while Pluto is in retrograde. This will be an ideal time to shed any unwanted weight that’s holding you back.

Pisces Sun/Rising May is going to begin the underlying transformation in your communities and groups. It’s likely that you’ve surrounded yourself with people from all walks of life. Pisces is a naturally spiritual, empathetic sign that is attractive to anyone. Unfortunately, this Zodiac sign tends to attract people with significant problems with addictive tendencies, boundary issues, and more. Because of this Pisces may feel like they can’t shut these people out readily. After all, your empathy and compassion is present, so you may feel guilty about cutting people out. Luckily, Saturn Rx will help you refocus. Saturn Rx will be impacting your subconscious beliefs, particularly your lack of boundaries or sense of individuality. Over the next month, you can expect karmic retaliations in regard to letting the wrong people in. Likewise, letting the right people in. As Saturn Rx exposes unhealthy relationships, you’re going to want to make a drastic change to your communities. You can also expect Saturn Rx to potentially isolate you. This may occur to help you find yourself outside of your social setting. Think of it as a time to re-claim your independence. During the Rx season, Pluto and Jupiter retrogrades will greatly impact your groups. You may find that friendships suddenly end out of nowhere. Groups may cut you out, or may not accept you in. It may be time to leave certain connections in the dust. This is divine timing at play. Whatever is shed, is meant to help you progress on your journey towards finding better connections. But this doesn’t mean it’ll be easy. It wouldn’t be surprising if you ruminated on fixing certain connections. You’ll find throughout the next 6-months that whatever connection dies, it’s meant to stay dead. If it helps, focus on setting New Moon intentions on the 22nd. Utilize this time to set intentions for what type of relationships you want to manifest. Part of these manifestations should include relationship goals, such as finding friends who encourage you, falling in love with a reciprocal partner, etc.



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