Almost a decade ago I started this blog.  Back then there was very little on the web about astrology.  I think the best site at the time was Mystic Medusa, who is still an astrologer that I loon up to.  There certainly were not any cool apps like Sanctuary or Co-star that appealed to the Millennials either.  My blog was getting so many organic hits from people just Googling about their relationship, but now the internet is flooded with astrology sites.  In the past few years astrology has become mainstream.  There are so many web sites that offer astrology content and so many Instagram handles that have all the astrology memes you could ever ask for.  Since the creation of my blog there is even a and a  I should have bought those domains when I had the chance, and I also should have created an app – coulda, woulda, shoulda.   

The New Yorker credits Millennials for the popularity of astrology, but I respectfully disagree.  I give the credit to Gen Z.  The Millennials had their chance to support it back in their 20’s and it just didn’t pick up.  In this article published by MTV, in an August 2019 survey they conducted found that, among the 1,000 participants between ages 14 and 29, 87 percent know their zodiac sign, 75 percent trust that astrology works, and 65 percent regularly check their horoscope.  That is WAY more than my generation, the Millennials.

There are several theories about why this phenomenon has taken place.  One theory states that it is because memes are so popular and astrology is a perfect platform for memes.  Another theory is that both of these generations are the most stressed out and therefore turn to astrology for answers.  In other words, they are making it just a new wave of self-help.  Author and astrologer Jessa Crispin writes a whole article about this in The Guardian, and I quote “A true astrological revival seems like it might be useful, because what astrology is really good at is bestowing and creating meaning. It’s not about truth, it’s not about destiny, it’s about finding meaning in your life through story and metaphor and reflection. It can help a person understand where the intersection lies between the individual and the family, community and society exists and whether how that influence changes from positive to restrictive. It helps to bring a long-term perspective to changes, rather than keeping them in a sometimes terrifying present.”  Well said girl, well said.

My friend and Simply Sun Sign’s resident monthly horoscope writer Liz Simmons also runs her own fabulous astrology blog called ASTROLOGICALLY Magazine. She is a Gen Zer, so i thought I would get her insight on this topic.  I told her that I believe Gen Z loves astrology more and Millenials are jumping on the bandwagon.  She has a different take on it though.  Her approach was that Millenials have always loved it more, but now we finally have readers, fans, and supporters of it – Gen Z.  She also believes that it could be that Pluto moved from Scorpio (Millennials) to Sagittarius (Gen Zers), which also makes a lot of sense.  Sagittarius in Pluto is adventurous, interested in philosophy and very free-thinking.  Pluto in Sagittarius is in search of all things “new”.  Maybe it also has something to do with Chiron in Pisces?  It seems like that placement has had people undergo a spiritual awakening over those years, sparking even more interest in astrology.

Any way you look at it, I am very pleased with this shift.  I love that it is mainstream.  I love that it is being embraced, and people are wanting to learn more about it.  The blogging era is dead because Gen Zers love to get their information through video like Instagram stories and YouTube.  Unfortunately video is not really my style, but this blog is my hobby, my passion, my lifelong project.  This one in a billion website is my place in the universe to share something I truly love and believe in.  Either way, both Millennials and Gen Zers are riding the astrology wave and I am here for it.


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