Six years ago I wrote a string of posts called “Keywords for ______” – enter Sun Sign. They are still great posts, and I will link them all below for you to check out. 2014 was a long time ago, so I thought it would be fun to do another post on the positive qualities of each sign, as well as each sign expressed in their negative form. This post ties in beautifully with the “Understanding Astrological Transits” post I just wrote, because it helps broaden how each sign behaves when they are in a harmonious aspect as well as challenging ones. More importantly, you can also apply these traits to the people that you know.

The positive qualities of Aries are a heart tugging innocence and wonder, blind faith, and raw courage.

Expressed in their negative forms, they can become selfish, narcissistic, thoughtless, aggressive, and take impulsive action with no regard for the consequences.


Taurus positive qualities are strength of purpose, patience, steadfastness, and conviction.

Expressed in their negative form, they become stubborn, blind with prejudice, and have lack of reason.


Gemini positive qualities are versatility, mentally alert, quickness of perception, deductive reasoning, and flexibility.

Expressed in their negative form they become restless, superficial, shallow, doubletalk, unreliable, and deceive themselves.


Cancer‘s positive qualities are imagination, determination, tenderness, sensitivity, care, and caution.

Expressed in their negative form they become stingy, irritable, melancholy, clinging and timid, possessive, and moody.


Leo’s positive qualities are warmth, generosity, nobility, strength, loyalty, leadership, and a soothing, gentle tenderness the protective charisma of the older brother or sister, of the strong toward the weak.

Expressed in their negative form they become arrogant with false pride, vane, bossy, conceited …  and romantically promiscuous.


Virgo’s positive qualities are clarity of thought, tasteful, courteous, service to others, practical, self-aware, and true to themselves.

Expressed in their negative form they become critical, cranky, timid, pessimistic, weak, and fault-finding.


Libra’s positive qualities are justice, intelligence, charm, gentleness, and emotional balance.

Expressed in their negative form they become lazy, procrastinators, indecisive, argumentative, pleasure-seeking, and temperamental.


Scorpio’s positive qualities are loyalty, will power, magnetism, gentleness, insight, and amazing self-control.

Expressed in their negative form they become ruthless, extreme, revengeful, cruel, suspicious, and self-hatred.


Sagittarian positive qualities are optimism, candor, cheerfulness, logic, honesty, daring and enthusiastic.

Expressed in their negative form they become reckless, emotionally confused, careless, lack of tact, rude, and fickle.


Capricorn‘s positive qualities are determination, stability, wisdom, dependability, sureness, and tranquility.

Expressed in their negative form they become selfish, narrow, ruthless ambition, rigid, snobby, depressed, and lonely.


The Aquarian positive qualities are vision, individuality, tolerance, friendliness, inventiveness, originality, and genius.

Expressed in their negative form they become eccentric, neurotic, detached, absentminded, and refusal to cooperate.


The Pisces positive qualities are humility, compassion, sensitivity, spiritual awareness, psychic comprehension, philosophic insight, and a healing potential.

Expressed in their negative form they become timid, apprehensive, finding pleasure in pain, laziness, lying, and weakness of will.


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