Taurus Woman – Aries Man

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The Aries man may start this love affair, but the Taurus woman will be sure to finish it. Taurus will not forget that he started it either. Taurus does not forget anything. You may think that because he is a ram and she is a bull that they would have a lot in common, but they really do not. Aries are aggressive, impulsive, bossy, extravagant, talkative, and optimistic. They love a fast paces and exciting environment that keeps them on their toes and interested. Taurus prefers to be reserved, practical, and is careful about what they say out loud. They love stability and their alone time is the tranquility that they need to get through life. Aries men get a bad rapport about running people ragged and burning bridges everywhere they go which can seem very reckless, they are surprisingly gentle as well. Taurus women get accused of being dull or lazy ready to smother any type of enthusiasm, but she has a beautiful imagination and a warm wisdom under her earthy exterior.


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