Taurus Woman – Pisces Man

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He will be late for their first date, but do not leave just yet Taurus – he is late for everything. He will be late for the second and third date too. Good thing this woman has patience. The Taurus woman will know as soon as she meets her Pisces man that this is the guy, she wants to have stick around for keeps. He is so romantic and dreamy; her eyes sparkle with possibility of forever with him. She will have to keep her intentions a secret for now, for if the fish senses a hook, he could swim away in fear of being caught. It is not that he does not want to be caught, he just wants it to be on his terms. She has all the persistence in the world to wait for him to realize that she is the right woman for him, and she really is. There are a ton of reasons why this relationship will have a lasting effect.


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