The Aries Boss

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The Aries boss has no patience for a lazy worker. They want enthusiasm and devotion to the organization. They communicate directly, and rarely sugarcoat anything. Get ready to work hard and work a lot. They are not clock watchers, and will let you take care of your personal business.  However, they need someone who is willing to do what it takes for success. They are great cheerleaders for their teams, and will root you on to success.

They are also generous with vacation and salaries. In return, they will want you to drop everything if they need you. They ask the world and give the world. You can count on getting a larger bonus check than your friends do, because they are not stingy with people that work hard for them.

To be liked is their secret need no matter how tough they come off. A genuine compliment every once in a while goes a long way with them. Their own drive and work ethic is unmatched. They would not ask you to do something that they would not do themselves. They will be open to new ideas and like an employee that takes initiative, as long as you are not outshining them in any way. There will always be something happening at work. This boss cannot sit still to save their life, they are busy bodies.

They care about your future, and will fight for your success every step of the way no matter what your past is. If they see potential in you, and you work hard for them, an Aries boss will take care of you in any way they can. They are energetic, impulsive and courageous in business. They have a commanding presence about them that demands respect. At times they can get in over their head, but if you are able to keep your faith and loyalty with them they will pay you tenfold. If you want to work for someone who is where the action is, you want to work for an Aries.


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