Virgo Woman – Leo Man

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It is the way the Virgo woman looks at him that will send a chill up his usually warm spine. Her glance is cool and her beautiful eyes are so clear, the Leo man feels seen. Her features and nature are composed and tranquil putting him at ease. She is too polite to criticize him, but she is able to see right through his vividly colored personality. He will start to become aware of her looks of approval and disapproval. He will start feeling like he needs to pick it up a bit more to match her meticulous nature and loveliness. She does not ask him, but she does not have to. She is so gentle and courteous and endearing that he admires her. She makes him feel worshiped which is the perfect distraction for all of the change that he knows is going on. Let me rephrase, the Virgo editing that is going on.


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