Aquarius Woman – Scorpio Man

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This relationship has always and will always remind me of Sex and the City’s Carrie and Big relationship. This is the only relationship post I have ever compared to two fictional characters, but it is too perfect to pass up.

It will not take her long to decipher the Scorpio man’s smile. He has a purpose to his stare and a precision in his reasons. There is a secret that he holds that she wants to know. Her heart feels a soft pull every time he grins at her because she knows there is more to it than the smile, she can see it in his eyes. His laugh makes her laugh, and she feel like she can get away with just about anything with this man. Pump the brakes Aqua and turn on your intelligent mind. The end of their first date will probably go something like this.

CARRIE: I write a column called Sex and the City. Right now, I’m researching an article about women who have sex like men. You know, they have sex and then afterwards they feel nothing

BIG: But you’re not like that

CARRIE: Well, aren’t you?

BIG: Not a drop, not even half a drop

CARRIE: Wow, what’s wrong with you?

BIG: I get it, you’ve never been in love

CARRIE: Oh yeah?

BIG: Yeah

CARRIE: Thanks for the ride

BIG: Anytime

CARRIE: Wait! Have you ever been in love?

BIG: Abso- fuckin’-lutely

The Aquarius woman may forget she is looking at a Scorpio and not a Libra or a Gemini. She has got her own tricks up her sleeves though if he suddenly starts to play hide and seek on her. She can become quite hazy herself. Just when he thinks he has her in the palm of his hand she will magically vanish and act as though she does not even remember meeting him. When an Aquarius vanishes, not even the detective work of a sleuth Scorpio will find her. She is somewhere high above the Milky Way, beyond all rainbows floating to Uranus, but not on this Earth, definitely not playing Scorpio games.  

It will frustrate him, which is good for him to feel. Sometimes he will need a taste of his own medicine. It is about time he learned what it feels like to be frustrated in the games he plays. After he is over it, he will admire her independence and strong will. He loves that she is who she is and is not worried about conforming to the norms of society. She is beautifully determined and is not subtle about it at all like he is.

Neither one of these two will want to be pushed into anything. They are both Fixed signs meaning they do not need to lead, but they certainly do not want to follow. They both beautifully belong to themselves, which at times will make it hard for them to compromise with one another. A relationship between these two is never going to be anything less than a learning experience, enlightening, and fascinating. It will not be harmonious in the beginning but the lessons that they must teach each other will help both stretch and grow. He is wise enough to understand that he has things to learn from her, but he would never admit it in a million years. She has a much more casual approach to their problems and can easily forgive and forget. However, a Scorpio rarely forgets and is not the best at forgiving especially when he experiences her shocking temper that can literally strike like a bolt of lighting out of nowhere. When he first experiences it, he will draw back in shock. He can stuff his emotions down a lot better than her, neither way is better than the other. He can learn to be more upfront about his feelings and she could learn to cool her reactions. It is like the episode where Carrie punches Big after he accidentally knocked her out of bed in the middle of the night.

BIG: I just came over to tell you something.

CARRIE: You’re suing me, right?

BIG: Look, maybe you need a key to know that I’m crazy about you. But the thing is, I’ve given out, like, five keys, and you never get’em back. And maybe I hog my bed. But I mean it’s my bed and I like you in it.

CARRIE: I should hit you more often.

BIG: And the oranges.


BIG: The oranges have to go. This is something I don’t like about you. I hate that you eat oranges in my bed.

CARRIE: You do?

BIG: They’re sticky and they make the sheets stink.

CARRIE: That’s it?

BIG: I like my sheets.

This combo can tend to be a constant competition when it comes to sex, or it can be a really healing experience for them.  He tends to make her feel a bit tense in the bedroom because she is constantly feeling like she must measure up to his intensity. He will feel as though part of her is actively and enthusiastically engaged in her feelings, while another part of her remains detached. She needs to learn to turn off her brain and just go with what she feels. They will have to meet each other halfway and find each other in a world that they create together.

One thing they do see eye to eye on is the importance of their careers and the love of the home they share together. They are both beautifully dedicated to their family and friends. After that, they both will be able to give each other this wonderful inter-independence and space so that he can do the things he loves, and she can do the things she loves. This works wonderfully for them so that they can still be themselves while being a couple.

So, you see they are not as different as you may think. They will need to learn to apologize, and they will have to understand that any sort of change for either of them is hard. Both show regret through actions, so there will be a lot of reading between the lines which may feel like game playing. However, in time if they can adjust their harmony can be powerful and beautiful. He will learn that when she grows silent, it is time for him to figure out what is wrong. Lucky for her, Scorpio will never give up until the case has been solved. They will be constantly pulled to each other until the karmic lessons that the universe must teach them are understood. Sometimes they make it through, and other times they do not. But either way they will look back and know that there was love there.

She will never settle for anything other than real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love. And maybe one day when he is ready, and if he is lucky that she is still available, he will find his Aquarius woman roaming the streets of Paris and finally look at her and say, “It took me a really long time to get here, but I’m here. Carrie, you’re the one.”



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