Cancer Woman – Libra Man

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Love has a way of softening the hardest hearts, or in this case the hardest shells and indecisive minds. The Cancer woman will instantly worry about him the day her shell is softened to him. She cares so much, sometimes too much. The Libra man is ruled by Venus, the planet of love though which will harmonize beautifully with her everchanging moods. He will make her feel emotionally secure in a way that she desperately needs. For a very long while in the beginning, their love story will be a fairytale filled with devotion and tranquility. Regardless of their differences, he will even be tempted with the idea of marriage which she will gladly oblige. If he is evolved and in the right place in his life, he will make the decision to take the plunge and propose to this watery eyed Moon Maiden. They will have a sort of love that is straight from the heavens that even the angels envy. However, if he is not in that place, he will drag his princess through the mud of indecisiveness that will be a treacherous rollercoaster of emotions.


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