Gemini North Node – Sagittarius South Node

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Today we move into Gemini North Node and Sag South Node. A few years ago I write a post about all of the nodes and how when you are born into them it will affect your life’s destiny. However, when the nodes switch while we go throughout our lives, it effects the entire world around us. This shift will impact long-distance travel, universities and international politics—all major topics of uncertainty as we wait to see the far-reaching impact of this pandemic. This placement will also be revolutionizing our approach to local events—from neighborhoods to schools to the way we socialize. The last time this placement was present was 2001. They year that 9/11 happened which has permanently changed a lot of things like the way we travel, but it also brought us closer as a nation than ever before. 
Here is some advice for the next two and a half years with this placement….
Sagittarius South Node: You must release the feeling to continuously wanderlust in your life.  Finding roots in one place will make you feel safe.  Always fixating on the future will make you miss what is going on in the present.  Instead of spreading yourself thin, start focusing your energy on one area of your life at a time.  Do not try to bite off more than you can chew because this will become exhausting.

Gemini North Node: Embrace your local community by doing things that make your neighborhood a better place to live.  Understand that there is pleasure and power in the NOW.  Make your exploration in life playful and fun.  Always remember to just take one thing at a time.


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