How to Spot a Leo

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In my twenty plus years of astrological observance, I have always thought that Leos are the easiest Zodiac sign to spot. Maybe it is the way that their grand aura that is easily able to fill a room, or the way their larger than life personality commands everyone’s attention, or maybe what really gives them away is their large Cheshire cat like grin that can heat you from the inside out. Their love of life is insatiable, contagious, and bright, giving them a distinctive glow to their face. Somehow the sunshine always seems to be dappled through their sizable, quaffed mane. Most Leos have a wild head of hair with a bit of curl or kink to it.  Some Leos are blue eyed, but the majority have brown eyes that are often round, laughing, and soft.  They say that eyes are the window to the soul, but Leo’s eyes are the window to their heart.


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